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Video Editing using the Windows Photos program

Your Windows computer comes with a beginner’s Video Editing tool: The Windows Photos program. Here’s a crash course on the basics, divided in small 3-5 minutes lessons.

Part 1: Start a new Video Project

Part2: Screen Layout

Part 3: Add video clips and still images

Part 4: Organize the Storyboard cards

Part 5: Using Title cards

Part 6: Split your video clips into parts

Part 7: Trim your video clips

Part 8: Add text to your video clips

Part 9: Add audio effects and 3D effects

Part 10: Finish the project

Create Student Email Groups from Sapphire’s Grade book

Sometimes you need to email groups of students, say all of the students in your Block 1 class. You may want to create a Google Mail/Contacts group to easily email the bunch of them. You can export the students email addresses from Sapphire and then import them into your Google Mail Contacts as a group. It’s easy. Just follow this video: Click here to see the video.

Email sample
Create Student Email Groups