Download your PM Google data from Google drive, classroom, photos, etc.

Soon after you leave Penn Manor your school Google account will disabled. You can take with you all your PM Google data before your account is disabled.

With Google Takeout, you can download all of your Google Drive files, Classroom files, notes in Keep, Photos, Chrome bookmarks and passwords, etc. You can keep those files as a backup or you can even import them into a personal Google account.

Click here to see a video to show how to download your PM Google data.

Video Editing using the Windows Photos program

Your Windows computer comes with a beginner’s Video Editing tool: The Windows Photos program. Here’s a crash course on the basics, divided in small 3-5 minutes lessons.

Part 1: Start a new Video Project

Part2: Screen Layout

Part 3: Add video clips and still images

Part 4: Organize the Storyboard cards

Part 5: Using Title cards

Part 6: Split your video clips into parts

Part 7: Trim your video clips

Part 8: Add text to your video clips

Part 9: Add audio effects and 3D effects

Part 10: Finish the project

Create Student Email Groups from Sapphire’s Grade book

Sometimes you need to email groups of students, say all of the students in your Block 1 class. You may want to create a Google Mail/Contacts group to easily email the bunch of them. You can export the students email addresses from Sapphire and then import them into your Google Mail Contacts as a group. It’s easy. Just follow this video: Click here to see the video.

Email sample
Create Student Email Groups

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