News of the Week! ( Week of September 25, 2017)

This is apple week in first grade! We are going to learn about the stages of an apple, seasons of the apple tree, the legend of Johnny Appleseed, and we will be having an apple feast on Friday ! Please send an apple or two to school with your child this week. We are looking for apples in a variety of colors ( red, green, and yellow) to use during a math project. Please send apples in by WEDNESDAY. 

We will have our math test on Chapter One (addition to 10)  on Tuesday 9/26. A review paper will be send home on Monday for homework.

This week in Language Arts we are studying words ending in -ck. Below is a list of our spelling words for Friday’s test (9/29). A paper copy will also be coming home with your child on Monday.


Spelling Words

Sight Words Vocabulary Words










Bonus Word: Thursday










Our Apple Feast will be this Friday, 9/29. If you would like to donate an apple food or drink such as juice, cider, apple pie, cake, apple butter, etc we would greatly appreciate it. Our class is making applesauce on Friday. We have a class of 20 kiddos, and we do not have any peanut allergies. If you are interested in donating, please comment what you would like to send in so that other parents can see what has been listed already and we do not have duplicates. Thank you for your support! This week is going to be a lot of fun!

Reading at Home! Please remember to send in your child’s football calendar so he or she can receive a free ticket to the PM football game. Starting Oct 1 I will be sending a calendar home with your child. I ask that every night your child spends some time reading and you sign the date on the calendar. Very often, we will be sending home books in our blue folder from our reading group. Please read these books and then return to school the following day.

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