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Welcome Back!

I hope you all had a restful and fun Thanksgiving Break! This week we are packed with lots to do in first grade….

Math- We will finish Chapter 3 on using strategies to add such as counting on, making ten, and adding doubles. We will have our Chapter 3 test on Thursday and move on to subtraction strategies Friday.

Social Studies- This week we will begin our unit on communities and community helpers! This is my favorite theme of the year! Be on the lookout for info on how we can help our local community helpers this holiday season.

Language Arts

Check out below for the words of the week and spelling words which will be tested on Thursday.

Spelling Words Sight Words Vocabulary Words
































Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the time with your friends and family! Yesterday to celebrate the holiday, we made turkeys listing what we are thankful for. We also had a picnic lunch outside on our woven place mats and we wore our Native American headbands! It was a fun day!!

In your child’s folder you will find a holiday packet full of extra practice on the skills we are currently working on. This is an extra packet and not required. Any work completed by the student in this will earn him or her Comet Cash for the school store in December.

Enjoy your holiday, I am thankful for you and the opportunity to work with your great kiddos!

Making ten to add

Tonight’s homework is making ten to add. This is a tricky concept that can be very difficult without using counters or a ten frame. Students were offered cubes to take home. If your child has them, please make sure they are returned tomorrow for math class. The following you tube link can help your kiddo remember the strategy when doing his or her homework. Thanks!

Week of November 13, 2017

Happy Veteran’s Day! This week we will honor our veterans during social studies by learning about the branches of our military, and what it means to be a veteran. If you have not returned your “My Hero” cards, it’s not too late! We will keep our heroes wall up this week.

Here is a sneak peak at the week ahead…

Social Studies Topic- What it means to be a veteran.

Math- We will continue to work on strategies in adding to 20. So far we have practiced, counting on, using a number line, and adding doubles. We are memorizing our doubles addition sentences to 20. Flashcards are great practice at home for this skill. ( 2+2=4….10+10=20) This week, we will tackle the concept of making 10 to add.

Literacy Big Ideas…

What is a noun? ( a person, place, or thing)

We capitalize names of people and places ( ex: Nora, Texas).

Blends containing r ( frost, bread, Fred, prop, grump. crust)

Review: th, wh, sh, ch, -ck

Words containing short u

Spelling Words Sight Words Vocabulary Words




























Check out this great pic of our class wearing our doubles headbands at dismissal on Friday!

Some Info for Tomorrow…

Research suggests that a positive school climate can support student success.  What is school climate? It is the quality and character of our school as experienced by you, a parent/caregiver and member of our community. So, Central Manor needs your help!
This Wednesday, November 8th, we will have refreshments in the office for you to enjoy while you are here for your parent/teacher conference.  While you’re enjoying your snacks, we are hoping you’ll take time to complete a brief 5 minute survey.  The survey format is completely anonymous.  The questions will be about your personal experiences as a Central Manor parent.  Please take time to stop by the office before or after your child’s conference.
If you’d prefer to take this brief survey at home, the link is below.
The invitation code you will use is: CLU03I     **(the last character is a capital i)**
Anyone who takes the survey, will be entered into a drawing.  Central Manor will be giving away 10 gift cards to Turkey Hill simply for participating.  If you complete the survey at home, please simply send in a brief note stating, “I completed the survey at home,” add your child’s name on the note, and have your child hand it in to the office.
The survey will be open until November 17, 2017.  Thank you so much.  We appreciate your help.

Week of November 6, 2017

Conference week is upon us! If you have not returned your conference confirmation please do asap! I am looking forward to discussing all the great things we have accomplished so far this year. This week can be a bit confusing with the schedule, so see below to see what’s coming up! We will be having specials this week, but they will be shortened to 30 minutes.

Tuesday – Day D… Regular schedule, Music

Wednesday Day A… early dismissal at 1:30, Library ( book exchange, book fair)

Thursday Day B… early dismissal 1:30, Gym

Friday Day C… early dismissal 1:30 Art


In reading and spelling, we will be discussing the sound of /th/ and continuing to work on blends containing l ( cl, bl, fl, sl, pl).

In math, we are working on using strategies to add. So far we have worked on counting on. Next, we will use a number line. We are now including numbers to 20.

In social studies, we are working on landforms. We will learn the following: volcano, plains, mountain, valley, ocean, island, waterfall, and canyon.


Please check out your child’s folder tonight. First grade is making a wall of honor to prepare for Veteran’s Day! We would love for you to add your heroes to it.


November is here!

Tonight in your child’s blue folder you will find a new November behavior calendar and a new reading calendar. Today we worked on setting goals for our behavior and classroom performance. These goals are listed on our behavior calendar. Students who returned October’s reading calendar will be getting Comet Cash tomorrow.

Our school store was open today for the first time during lunch. Students have received Comet Cash for various good behaviors at school and were able to spend Comet Cash at the store in the cafeteria. They will have the chance to do so again next month.

Tomorrow is Western Day for Central Manor spirit!