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Read Across America!

Monday: Wear red and blue like Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Tuesday: Dress like Fox in Socks and wear some fun socks.

Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday – Dress your wackiest and wear your tackiest!

Thursday: Dr. Seuss and the Cat both wear hats – Hat day!

Friday: Take a look, take a look . . . .I brought in my favorite book! Wear your PJs for a relaxing reading day!

We are so excited to celebrate these special days this week in first grade! Also Wednesday Hands On House will be coming to give us a fun hands on field trip to go. We will be staying in our classroom and Hands On House will be coming to us! If you would like to volunteer with our class from 9:15-10:15a please email me at

Remember, our spelling test on the words we received last week will be this Friday, March 1st!

Week of February 20th

This week in reading/spelling we are going to be learning long o sounds such as /oa/ and /ow/. These are new concepts for us, and in light of the short week, I have moved our spelling test to next Friday to give us time to practice these words.

Spelling Words                            High Frequency words                         Robust Vocab

low                                                    mouse                                                       bulged

slow                                                    our                                                            jostled

grow                                                   over                                                       argue

road                                                    pretty                                                    command

soap                                                     surprise                                                  labored

boat                                                      three                                                      wary








This week in math we are learning a new concept as well. Re-grouping when adding tens and ones. EX: 14+9=23

This is a very tricky concept and students may need help with it during homework. Keep an eye on our blog to check for any videos we use in class to help us.


Important Dates:

Friday 2/23 : Kids At Work Day! Dress as a career you would like to have

Thursday: The class has earned a pj day! Students are invited to wear their favorite school appropriate pajamas!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

After looking at last week’s busy schedule and anther packed week on the way, I have decided to move our spelling test to Friday, February 16th. We will be having our Chapter 5 math test tomorrow on the following topics: hundreds, tens, and ones place value, 10 more and 10 less, and greater than and less than. The students have been working very well on these topics the past few weeks and I am confident they will do their best tomorrow!

Valentine’s Day is this Wednesday. We are having two types of Valentine’s exchanges. The first is a traditional and optional exchange. I ask if you are sending small cards in for students that you please make one for each student in the class. I have a list of names on our last post. We also are having a “secret exchange” after reading a fun book last week where the characters had a secret exchange as well. The name of the student your child drew out of a basket was sent home on Thursday of last week. This card can be as creative as you would like. Have fun!  I do ask that you send this card in on Tuesday to make sure everyone receives a card.

The 1st Grade Olympics have begun! All students in first grade were assigned to a country. In our 1st grade Olympics, points can be earned by completing homework and getting your reading calendar signed. Please check in with your first grader and check his or her take home folder for homework and reading selections.

New Dates!

Due to the snow day today, tomorrow (Thursday 2/8) will be our 100th day of first grade.

I will not be in the building on Friday, so I am going to postpone our math test to Monday so that students have time to review. A substitute will be completing the Chapter review on Friday and then students can bring it home over the weekend to study or review.

We will also take our Spelling Test on Monday. We have not had much time to practice this week with the snow days!


Tomorrow is the 100th day of school. Please send 100 of an item with your child ( ex: cotton balls, cereal, legos, etc) in a bag with his or her name on it.

Also, you can dress as if you are 100! Have fun:)

We will not be having our math test tomorrow. We will have it on Thursday instead, with the review coming home tomorrow.

Week of February 5, 2018

Please remember to make comments if you wish, and return student report card folders this week.

Spelling Words Sight Words Vocabulary Words

Spell and use correctly in daily writing.


1.      hand

     2. handle

    3. wig

  4. wiggle

 5. single

   6. little

   7. turn

    8. girl

     9. by

  10. room

   Bonus Words





Read in less than 3 seconds without decoding.



1. buy

2. carry

3. money

4. other

5. paint

6. paper

7. would










Math- This Wednesday we will have our chapter 5 Unit Test on the following… ten more and ten less, numbers to 120, place value

Students will be bringing home a review for homework on Tuesday night.

Now that we are well into the second half of the year, I am encouraging all students to be responsible for having an adult sign reading calendars for nightly reading. If you are finding yourself in need of books to have at home for reading practice, please let me know. Students who return behavior and reading calendars at the end of the month are rewarded.

We will be having a valentine exchange next week. Below is a list of student names if you would like to participate!

Brynnley     Tyson    Maverick    Riley      Isaac     Sadee     Dylan

Connor         Rileigh    Kye            David    Jaxon    Aiden     Cole

Jaevion        Violet     Molly          Colton    Mia       Nadialee