Week of February 5, 2018

Please remember to make comments if you wish, and return student report card folders this week.

Spelling Words Sight Words Vocabulary Words

Spell and use correctly in daily writing.


1.      hand

     2. handle

    3. wig

  4. wiggle

 5. single

   6. little

   7. turn

    8. girl

     9. by

  10. room

   Bonus Words





Read in less than 3 seconds without decoding.



1. buy

2. carry

3. money

4. other

5. paint

6. paper

7. would










Math- This Wednesday we will have our chapter 5 Unit Test on the following… ten more and ten less, numbers to 120, place value

Students will be bringing home a review for homework on Tuesday night.

Now that we are well into the second half of the year, I am encouraging all students to be responsible for having an adult sign reading calendars for nightly reading. If you are finding yourself in need of books to have at home for reading practice, please let me know. Students who return behavior and reading calendars at the end of the month are rewarded.

We will be having a valentine exchange next week. Below is a list of student names if you would like to participate!

Brynnley     Tyson    Maverick    Riley      Isaac     Sadee     Dylan

Connor         Rileigh    Kye            David    Jaxon    Aiden     Cole

Jaevion        Violet     Molly          Colton    Mia       Nadialee


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