Happy Valentine’s Day!

After looking at last week’s busy schedule and anther packed week on the way, I have decided to move our spelling test to Friday, February 16th. We will be having our Chapter 5 math test tomorrow on the following topics: hundreds, tens, and ones place value, 10 more and 10 less, and greater than and less than. The students have been working very well on these topics the past few weeks and I am confident they will do their best tomorrow!

Valentine’s Day is this Wednesday. We are having two types of Valentine’s exchanges. The first is a traditional and optional exchange. I ask if you are sending small cards in for students that you please make one for each student in the class. I have a list of names on our last post. We also are having a “secret exchange” after reading a fun book last week where the characters had a secret exchange as well. The name of the student your child drew out of a basket was sent home on Thursday of last week. This card can be as creative as you would like. Have fun!  I do ask that you send this card in on Tuesday to make sure everyone receives a card.

The 1st Grade Olympics have begun! All students in first grade were assigned to a country. In our 1st grade Olympics, points can be earned by completing homework and getting your reading calendar signed. Please check in with your first grader and check his or her take home folder for homework and reading selections.

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