Week of February 20th

This week in reading/spelling we are going to be learning long o sounds such as /oa/ and /ow/. These are new concepts for us, and in light of the short week, I have moved our spelling test to next Friday to give us time to practice these words.

Spelling Words                            High Frequency words                         Robust Vocab

low                                                    mouse                                                       bulged

slow                                                    our                                                            jostled

grow                                                   over                                                       argue

road                                                    pretty                                                    command

soap                                                     surprise                                                  labored

boat                                                      three                                                      wary








This week in math we are learning a new concept as well. Re-grouping when adding tens and ones. EX: 14+9=23

This is a very tricky concept and students may need help with it during homework. Keep an eye on our blog to check for any videos we use in class to help us.


Important Dates:

Friday 2/23 : Kids At Work Day! Dress as a career you would like to have

Thursday: The class has earned a pj day! Students are invited to wear their favorite school appropriate pajamas!

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