We Are Going to Have a ONEderful year in Mrs. Appel’s First Grade!

Welcome to Appel’s Awesomesauce! The place to find all the latest information for first grade! By now I hope you have received your welcome letter giving you the details of our first day together… this Thursday (August 23rd)!! 

Here are a few of the basics: 


A lunch on the first day- Pasta and tossed salad ( A lunch changes daily)

B lunch – Egg McComet ( B lunch changes weekly)

C lunch PB&J ( this is a daily choice and is always available) 

D lunch ( yogurt and string cheese ( this is a daily choice and is always available) 

Birthday Celebrations: We are excited to share your child’s birthday if you would like us to! If you would like to send in a treat for the class, we ask that you send in a non edible item such as a pencil, eraser, or sticker.  Currently our class number of students is : 25. 


There are a few items you could do daily for homework: 

Practice Spelling Words– A spelling list will be sent home the first day of a new lesson. You can also find spelling words on this blog.  We keep each list for 6 days. Our test is always on the 6th day of a list. 

Math– We will have math homework on an average of 3 nights a week. Sometimes your child will finish his or her homework at school… yippee! 

Guided Reading will begin early this fall. Your child will bring home a book with a sticky note for you to sign and return. By signing this note you are saying that your child has read the book to you, or with you, and that you have spent a few minutes talking about the book. 

Homework should not be taking more that 15-20 minutes. If it is, please contact me. 

Educational Trips

If you will be having your child miss school for a family trip  please complete a trip form and return it to the office for approval. I will send assignments home with your child to complete during your trip. 

Early Dismissal and Transportation Changes: Please send all transportation changes to school in writing. If you have last minute transportation changes, please call the office. 

Behavior Plan: Please see the tab on our blog to learn about our clip chart. 

I am so excited to get to know your child and your family! Let’s have a great year!! 

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