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Week of September 24-27

Apple Week in our class! We will be competing many fun apple activities this week. 

Monday, 9/24 Day A : We will be learning different ways to make 10. It is a goal for our kiddos to memorize the numbered pairs that make 10. We will also review for our spelling test tomorrow.  We will also send books home from reading groups today. Please sign and date the post it note on the book and return it to school in your child’s folder. We have Applied Engineering today.

1+9=10,  2+8=10,  3+7=10,  4+6=10,  5+5=10

Tuesday, 9/25 Day B:   Today we will have our third spelling test on Lesson 3 words. We will also introduce missing addends in math class. 7+___=10. Mr. Schuck will teach a social skills lesson on listening. We have Art class today. 

Wednesday, 9/26  Day C We will introduce a new lesson in reading today. Our words are listed below. We will continue to work on missing addends. In writing we are going to publish our Johnny Appleseed stories. We will have Phys Ed today.

Spelling words: pick, pack, tack, back, sack, sick, big, in, hold, so                High Frequency words: late, oh, yes                                                              Vocabulary: ambled, politely, pouted, considerate, unexpected, routine 

Thursday, 9/27 Day D Today will be Apple Day in first grade! We are going to have 4 fun filled stations! Students will rotate between the 4 classrooms.  We will also be a having an apple feast today and we will be taking donations. Please check the blog on Monday evening for a sign up genius to bring in apple foods. 


Week of September 17-21

Monday- Today is the 6th day in our Story Town unit. We will practice and have our spelling test. We also will take part in a virtual reality Google exploration and have a first grade social skills lesson with Mr. Schuck and Miss Stepanchick. First grade will also celebrate the story, The Dot , with National dot day activities.  In math, we are practicing different ways to make it to the same sum. ( ex: 4+1=5 and 2+3=5) We have Music today. 

Tuesday-  Please return library books today! We will bring home a new spelling list today ( for a test on Tuesday, 9/25)  and practice ways to make sums of 6 and 7.  We will learn about voting in America. We have Applied Engineering today. 

Spelling Words for Story Town lesson 3. – in, pin, pig, big, dig, did, had, sat, no, too 

High Frequency Words : so, hold, get, home, soon

Robust Vocab: especially, memorized, sensed, capacity, haul, proud

Wednesday- We will practice spelling words and read, Big Rigs. In math, our class will be practicing ways to make 8 and play number BINGO. We have Art today. 

Thursday-  Today we will have a Cookie Election to learn about the process of voting. We will have a short quiz in math play domino addition. We have Phys. Ed. today so please wear sneakers. 

Friday- In addition to learning ways to make 10 today we will do a special fall writing and sequencing fall events activity. We will also work on reading in partners with our Story Town book, Big Rigs. 

Week of September 10, 2018

Specials this Week

Monday is Day C- Phys Ed – wear those sneakers! We will also get our new words for the week in Lesson 2 today. 

Tuesday is Day D- Music 

Wednesday Day A- Applied Engineering 

Thursday Day B- Art

Friday Day C – Phys. Ed…sneakers please!


Spelling words- hat, had, sad, sat, bat, bag, at, can, help, now 

High Frequency Words- in, no, too

Vocabulary Words – cram, solution, strategy, nearby, solution, strategy 


This week we will continue adding with pictures. We will add numbers horizontally and vertically. We will also practice ways to get to the same sum. For example- 2+2=4, and 1+3=4. We also are working on the concept of adding 0.

Social Skills 

We are fortunate to have Miss Stepanchick and Mr. Schuck come in our room two times this week to work on social skills in the classroom! These lessons will focus on a variety of concepts from cooperation to listening skills. We are excited to learn from Miss S and Mr. Schuck!

Thursday Update!

Spelling test tomorrow! Please practice spelling words tonight and please let them know not to be nervous ! This is the first one… we will go slow and learn the process. 

Math Homework- We have math homework again tonight. Check out how great our kiddos are at adding with pictures. 

Please send in a pair of ear buds at your earliest convenience for your child to use at the computer station. It would be helpful if you put a piece of tape on the cord with your child’s name. These will only be used by your child and will stay in their cubby when not is use. 

Thanks for a great week! 

Week of September 3, 2018

We are off and running on our first StoryTown Lesson! Below are the words we are working with. We only test on Spelling words. Our first spelling test will be this Friday, September 7. We test every 6 days. Please do not stress over this test. It is our first one and we are learning the process. 

Spelling words 

am, at, cat, can, ran, man, map, tap, a, the

High Frequency Words

let’s   help   now 

Math News .… This week we will begin addition stories and learning the concept of what it means to add. Your child may have homework in his or her take home folder. We begin homework at school, so there is a good chance your child will finish it here. 

Social Studies... This week we will begin our unit on citizenship. We are learning about rules at home, school, and in the community. 

Reminders… If you have not yet sent in your parent contact verification form, or your child’s Student Handbook Agreement, please do so asap.