Week of September 10, 2018

Specials this Week

Monday is Day C- Phys Ed – wear those sneakers! We will also get our new words for the week in Lesson 2 today. 

Tuesday is Day D- Music 

Wednesday Day A- Applied Engineering 

Thursday Day B- Art

Friday Day C – Phys. Ed…sneakers please!


Spelling words- hat, had, sad, sat, bat, bag, at, can, help, now 

High Frequency Words- in, no, too

Vocabulary Words – cram, solution, strategy, nearby, solution, strategy 


This week we will continue adding with pictures. We will add numbers horizontally and vertically. We will also practice ways to get to the same sum. For example- 2+2=4, and 1+3=4. We also are working on the concept of adding 0.

Social Skills 

We are fortunate to have Miss Stepanchick and Mr. Schuck come in our room two times this week to work on social skills in the classroom! These lessons will focus on a variety of concepts from cooperation to listening skills. We are excited to learn from Miss S and Mr. Schuck!

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