Week of September 17-21

Monday- Today is the 6th day in our Story Town unit. We will practice and have our spelling test. We also will take part in a virtual reality Google exploration and have a first grade social skills lesson with Mr. Schuck and Miss Stepanchick. First grade will also celebrate the story, The Dot , with National dot day activities.  In math, we are practicing different ways to make it to the same sum. ( ex: 4+1=5 and 2+3=5) We have Music today. 

Tuesday-  Please return library books today! We will bring home a new spelling list today ( for a test on Tuesday, 9/25)  and practice ways to make sums of 6 and 7.  We will learn about voting in America. We have Applied Engineering today. 

Spelling Words for Story Town lesson 3. – in, pin, pig, big, dig, did, had, sat, no, too 

High Frequency Words : so, hold, get, home, soon

Robust Vocab: especially, memorized, sensed, capacity, haul, proud

Wednesday- We will practice spelling words and read, Big Rigs. In math, our class will be practicing ways to make 8 and play number BINGO. We have Art today. 

Thursday-  Today we will have a Cookie Election to learn about the process of voting. We will have a short quiz in math play domino addition. We have Phys. Ed. today so please wear sneakers. 

Friday- In addition to learning ways to make 10 today we will do a special fall writing and sequencing fall events activity. We will also work on reading in partners with our Story Town book, Big Rigs. 

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