Week of September 24-27

Apple Week in our class! We will be competing many fun apple activities this week. 

Monday, 9/24 Day A : We will be learning different ways to make 10. It is a goal for our kiddos to memorize the numbered pairs that make 10. We will also review for our spelling test tomorrow.  We will also send books home from reading groups today. Please sign and date the post it note on the book and return it to school in your child’s folder. We have Applied Engineering today.

1+9=10,  2+8=10,  3+7=10,  4+6=10,  5+5=10

Tuesday, 9/25 Day B:   Today we will have our third spelling test on Lesson 3 words. We will also introduce missing addends in math class. 7+___=10. Mr. Schuck will teach a social skills lesson on listening. We have Art class today. 

Wednesday, 9/26  Day C We will introduce a new lesson in reading today. Our words are listed below. We will continue to work on missing addends. In writing we are going to publish our Johnny Appleseed stories. We will have Phys Ed today.

Spelling words: pick, pack, tack, back, sack, sick, big, in, hold, so                High Frequency words: late, oh, yes                                                              Vocabulary: ambled, politely, pouted, considerate, unexpected, routine 

Thursday, 9/27 Day D Today will be Apple Day in first grade! We are going to have 4 fun filled stations! Students will rotate between the 4 classrooms.  We will also be a having an apple feast today and we will be taking donations. Please check the blog on Monday evening for a sign up genius to bring in apple foods. 


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