What’s up in First Grade?

Here’s a look at upcoming dates in Mrs. Appel’s first grade

Wednesday 10/10 Day C  : Phys. Ed. There will be a substitute teacher with the class, as I pull students to read independently with them. This reading assessment helps us to find appropriate books for small reading group time. 

Thursday 10/11  Day D: Music 

Friday 10/12 Day A Applied Engineering:  We will have book exchange today! We will also have a short math quiz today on subtraction with pictures. 

Monday 10/15 Day B Art: We will have our spelling test on Lesson 5 words. 

Lesson 5 Spelling : not, lot,dot, hot, hop,top, back, pick, oh, yes 

High Frequency Words: find, much, thank

Vocabulary Words: horrible, invigorated, presented, aid, persistent, sweltering 

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