Week of 10-29

We are ready to move into the last week of October already! This week we will continue to work on our short e words ( ex: pen), introduce words with an l blend at the beginning of the word ( ex: clam), as well as continue to work on subtraction, learn more about seasons and weather,  and manage to squeeze in some fun seasonal activities as well. 

Monday 10/29- Day D Music  – Our students are encouraged to wear red today to show support for those in Warwick after Friday’s tragic events. 

Tuesday 10/30 Day A Applied Engineering 

Wednesday 10/31 Day B Art 

Thursday 11/1 Day C Phys Ed – Our class will watch a special autumn movie today!

  Spelling Test on words listed below:

set, sent, ten, tell, let, get, all call, make, of 


Please remember to return your conference forms if you have not already done so. I am looking forward to the chance to meet with you all very soon! 

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