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Happy Holidays!

Tonight your child is bringing home a snowman candy bar with a new pair of gloves! They are a gift from me to help keep our hands warm this winter. Also…. I hope the snowman is still in tact, i told them to wait for you to okay it before they enjoyed the Hershey Bar!

Remember tomorrow is a 1:30 dismissal! Happy Holidays!

It’s Holiday Week at Hambright!

We are almost there…..!

Monday, 12/17 Day C- Phys. Ed. Please wear your sneakers!  This week we will travel to all first grade rooms to complete a special holiday activity! Our class will begin with a look at the origin of Christmas Trees and a special art project. Each day (M-Th), our class will visit a different teacher to complete something different.

Tuesday, 12/18 Day D- Music 

Wednesday, 12/19 Day A- Applied Engineering – Today we will take our spelling test on Lesson 12 words : shop, shot, shut, rush, wish, fish, for, more, from, very 

Thursday, 12/20 Day B- Art- Today we will begin working with /ch/ words and a new spelling list will be sent home. 

Friday, 12/21 Day C- Phys. Ed – Today is an early dismissal at 1:30. We will have our holiday all school opening! 

Enjoy the time off with your friends and family! 

School resumes, Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The Holidays Are Coming!

A look at the week of December 10, 2018

Monday, December 10, Day B- Art. Today we will begin Chapter 4 in math. We will begin learning strategies to subtract within 20.

Tuesday, December 11, Day C- We have gym today. We will also take a science quiz on weather and landforms. Mr. Schuck will teach a lesson on diversity today. 

Wednesday, December 12, Day D- We have music today. We will take our spelling test on or/ore words. New spelling and high frequency words will come home today. We will begin to work on words with /sh/. 

Thursday, December 13, Day A- We have Applied Engineering and Book Exchange today. Mr. Schuck will teach a lesson on diversity. 

Friday, December 14, Day B- We have art today. Today is Miss Zook’s last day before her semester break at Millersville. Our class looks forward to seeing her again when she joins us for her second semester from the end of January ’19 to mid May. Students are welcome to bring in cards for her today.  We will also take a math quiz today on subtracting using : counting back, a number line, and subtracting using doubles ( ex: 10-5=5) .

Looking Ahead: We have an early dismissal next Friday December 21. Please let the office know if there will be a change in your child’s transportation. 

12/5 Update

Hello parents! Tonight in your child’s take home folder you will find a log in password for Xtra Math. This is not assigned homework, but encouraged at home for practice in basic math facts. The paper does not need to be returned to school. Xtra math is available on any device and is free. Please give it a try at your convenience. 

Also you will find a December Kindness Calendar. This is also not homework, but just a fun little extra for you and your family to spread some cheer this month. 

Thank you! 

Week of December 3 (already?!?)

Monday 12/3- Day A  We have book exchange and Applied Engineering today. Our spelling test will be moved to tomorrow (12/4). We will also have a social skills lesson taught my Mr. Schuck and Miss S today. 

Tuesday 12/4 Day B We have art today. We will learn how to add three addends today in math.  We will also have our Lesson 10 spelling test. Mr. Schuck will teach a social skills lesson today. 

Wednesday 12/5 Day C We have Phys. Ed today. Please wear sneakers and comfortable clothes. Miss Zook will teach us about fresh water and salt water during science today. We will also get new words for Lesson 11.  Spelling : or, for, form, more, store, sort, long, bring, your, head                     High Frequency Words- animals, cold, fish, from, their, under, very       Vocabulary- adapt, intriguing, inhabit, nuzzled, pranced, raging 

Thursday 12/6 Day D We have music today. We will also have a math test on addition strategies today. if this changes to Friday, I will update our blog. We will read a new story, Land of Ice today and begin to work on words with /or/, our first r controlled vowel sound. 

Friday 12/7 Day A We have Applied Engineering today. We will also begin to learn about our upcoming Holidays Around the World unit! Have a great weekend! 

Our Scholastic book orders will come home 12/3 and are due Monday 12/10. You may purchase books online or send in a check made out to Scholastic. If the books are gifts and you would like me to hold them in the office, please let me know.