It’s Holiday Week at Hambright!

We are almost there…..!

Monday, 12/17 Day C- Phys. Ed. Please wear your sneakers!  This week we will travel to all first grade rooms to complete a special holiday activity! Our class will begin with a look at the origin of Christmas Trees and a special art project. Each day (M-Th), our class will visit a different teacher to complete something different.

Tuesday, 12/18 Day D- Music 

Wednesday, 12/19 Day A- Applied Engineering – Today we will take our spelling test on Lesson 12 words : shop, shot, shut, rush, wish, fish, for, more, from, very 

Thursday, 12/20 Day B- Art- Today we will begin working with /ch/ words and a new spelling list will be sent home. 

Friday, 12/21 Day C- Phys. Ed – Today is an early dismissal at 1:30. We will have our holiday all school opening! 

Enjoy the time off with your friends and family! 

School resumes, Wednesday, January 2, 2019

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