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100 Day!

Tomorrow we will have our 100 Day celebration in the afternoon as planned. If you volunteered to attend the afternoon stations, we are having them as originally scheduled. Students are still invited to dress as “100 year old kiddos!” We hope you are staying warm on this surprise day off!

Week of January 28, 2019

Monday – Day D Music – We will begin working on a new Storytown lesson this week focusing on words with qu and wh.. Below is a list of our new words for our test next Monday:

Spelling- quit, quiz, quick, whiz, when, which, arm, part, house, put

High Frequency Words: about, books, family, name, people, read, work, writing

Vocabulary- cozily, interrupted, triumphantly, accomplishment, admire, ambition

Tuesday: Day A – Library and book exchange – Today we will be working on drawing illustrations to match headlines from Lancaster Newspapers. We will be submitting them to a LNP contest !

Wednesday Day B- Art – We will be sending home our Martin Luther King portfolios today. I can’t wait for you to see them! The students worked very hard on this project and learned a lot about Martin Luther King Jr and his mission for equality.

Thursday Day C- Gym – remember your sneakers! We will have a math quiz today 🙂

Friday Day D – Music and…..-the 100th day of school! Check out our take home folders for more info!


Hello families! It is the time of year where we need to replenish the supplies in our pencil boxes!

• Yellow pencils • Glue sticks • Crayons • Erasers • Expo markers

We could also use some snacks! Here are some popular ones: • Pretzels • Goldfish • Cheez Its • Veggie chips/sticks • Cereal (Honey Nut Cheerios, Kix, etc) • Granola bars Thank you so much! First Grade Teachers

Week of January 22, 2019

Welcome Back Miss Zook! We are happy welcome back, Miss Zook to spend full semester with us!

Words of the week- Spelling Test on Friday !

Spelling- quit, quick, quiz, whiz, which, when, arm, part, house, put

High Frequency Words- about, books, family, name, people, read, work, writing

Vocabulary- cozily, interrupted, triumphantly, accomplishment, admire, ambition

This Wednesday will be our first library class. We will be switching books next library cycle. Library class will always be on Day A with book exchange being every other cycle.

Thursday- Mr. Schuck will teach a lesson and we will have art.

Friday – We have an early dismissal today at 1:30 as well as an all school opening assembly. The students have gym class.

Update! Important Info You Need to Know :)

Tomorrow, Tuesday, is our spelling test on -ar words.

Tomorrow is book exchange. Please Bring your books!

We earned a pizza party! Tomorrow I will be buying Dominos Pizza for our class at lunch time. You do not need to send in a lunch for your kiddo tomorrow. If you would like for your child to still by a lunch, or pack a lunch please let me know. We will eat in the classroom together. If your child cannot have pizza due to dietary restrictions please let me know as well.

Thank you!!

Tonight’s Homework

In your child’s take home folder this evening you will find a tagged page in the Me on the Map booklet. Please complete the first page only and add your home address for your child to practice. We are learning about communities in social studies. Today the class worked on the different community levels we are a part of such as: school, city/town, state, country, and planet. The class did a great job with this! Be sure to ask them about it tonight. Thank you!


Tomorrow we will have a spelling test on our /ch/ words.

Tomorrow we will also have our math test on subtraction strategies. Students will have access to a number line for this test.

A new book order was sent home today. If you are planning on buying books, please return the book order or submit your online order by January 18. Thank you!!!

New Spelling words will come home on Wednesday. These words will have r controlled vowels /ar/.

Getting Back To It!

We had a great first day back and accomplished so much! The students did a wonderful job today following directions and earned all of their points to have a Pajama Day this Friday 1/4! We worked on solving math problems with missing addends and started to practice words that begin and end with /ch/. New spelling, high frequency, and vocab words came home in your child’s folder today. Below is a list of words. Our Spelling Test will be Tuesday 1/8.

Spelling words: chip, chin, inch, such, catch, match, wish, shop, saw, were

High Frequency Words: air, fly, friends, grew, need, play, rain, watch

Vocabulary Words: astonishing, continue, doubt, transform, examine, devour

Thursday 1/3 Day A – Applied Engineering and Book Exchange , Mr. Schuck will teach a social skills lesson

Friday 1/4 Day B- Art, PJ Day in Mrs. Appel’s Class!

Monday 1/7 Day C – Gym – Please wear sneakers!

Tuesday 1/8 Day D- Music , Spelling test on /ch/ words