Monthly Archives: March 2019

Week of March 25, 2019

Monday Day C- We had gym today! We also continued working on our biome reports. You may not see as many books come home to read for homework this week, as we are using our small group time to create awesome art and writing on the desert, arctic, and rainforest!

Tuesday Day D: We have music today. We will also have a social skills lesson taught by Mr. Schuck.

Wednesday- Day A: We have library today. We will not have book exchange at library. We will take our spelling test and Math chapter 7 test on reading tally charts, bar graphs, and pictographs. Our spelling test will be on long i words: like, nine, line, mine, mile, while, take, came, gone, near.

Thursday Day B- Art We will get new spelling words today with the long o sound and the pattern of o-consonant-e- ex: bone. We will take our benchmark test today on math chapters 5-7.

Friday Day C- Phys. Ed: We have an all school opening today! Happy Friday Everyone!


I’m sorry I had the information for the book fair incorrect. This week we will visit the book fair on Thursday (3/21) and we will not be having a book exchange. I apologize for the confusion!

Week of March 18, 2019

Thank you to all those who brought in a game for game day on Friday. The kids had a great time!

Monday 3/18 Day B – Art In social studies today, we will begin to learn the difference in needs and wants. Study for our spelling test tonight! We will also get out books for our biome reports which we will be completing over the next two weeks. Make sure to check your kiddos folder to see if they will be learning about the desert, the rainforest, or the arctic!

Tuesday 3/19 Day C- Phys Ed wear sneakers! We will take our spelling test on long a words with the pattern ___a____e (ex: game)

Wednesday 3/20 Day D Music We will get new spelling words today and begin to read words with a long i ( ex: ___i ___e time) .

Thursday 3/21 Day A Library Book Exchange today!

Friday 3/22 Day B- Art We have an early dismissal today! Please let the office know of any transportation changes.

We could use donations of the following items if possible: zip lock baggies, cotton balls, tissues and glue sticks. Thanks for considering!

Dr Seuss Week in First Grade!

This week we will have a special dress day for each day of the week:

Monday : Day D- Music Be a Who in Whoville- Crazy Hair Day!

Tuesday: Day A – Library: Thing One and thing Two day! Dress as a twin with another student or wear a red shirt. Mrs. Appel and Miss Zook will have” Thing ” signs for us all to be twins! We will have our spelling test today.

Wednesday Day B- Art The Cat in the Hat Day! Wear a fun hat to school! We will send home new spelling, high frequency, and vocab words today.

Thursday Day C- Phys. Ed. Fox in Socks day! Wear crazy socks today! ( Don’t forget to wear them with sneakers since we have gym class!)

Friday Day D – Music – Green Eggs and Ham. Wear as much green as you can! We will review for our math test today on adding double digit numbers. As of now, our math test is planned for Monday, March 11.