Week of May 13

Monday- Day D Music Today we will practice at music for our show on Wed evening! We will also study our new spelling words. I have moved the spelling test to Friday because of all the special schedule changes we had last week.

Spelling Words: how cow down out found round try light earth table

High Frequency Words: answered, baby, done, heard, pools, pushed, together

Vocabulary Words: quivered, wailed, scattered, elated, lonesome, hopeless

It is also jokes and jump rope day! Please send a jump rope to school with your child’s name on it, and a school appropriate joke đŸ™‚

Tuesday Day A Library – no book exchange K- Kindness day! We will be doing special kindness activities today.

Wednesday Day B- Art Today Is L Day. If you have a Llama Llama book please send it to school with your child. We have plenty here for them to share as well. The students will also have lollipops during story time today. Tonight is our musical performance! See you there!!

Thursday Day C – Phys. Ed Wear sneakers. Today is M day. Wear Mismatched clothes! We will also take our math test today on 2 dimensional shapes.

Friday Day D- Music Today is N day. Wear your pj’s to watch a short movie and take a nap (haha yea right! ) We will take our spelling test today on ow and ou words!

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