Week of May 20, 2019

Monday Day A- O Day – Orange and Outside today! Students can wear orange and weather permitting, we will do some outside activities! Today is the final library book return. Please send any library books back to school. We will get new spelling words today and start our study of 3D shapes. I moved our spelling test to Friday. This is a change from the original calendar sent home in the beginning of May.

Spelling Words- funny, happy, story, stories, hurry, hurried, how, out, baby, done

High Frequency ( Word Wall) Words- able, almost, blue, great, poured, took, traveled

Vocabulary Words- properly, familiar, arrived, anticipate, numerous, vibrant

Tuesday Day B- Art- P day- Today we will enjoy a picnic lunch outside! It is also Field Day for grades 1-3 from 1:15-3:15. Be sure to wear your sneakers and comfortable athletic clothes!

Wednesday Day C- Phys. Ed- Q Day! Today we will make a Quilt of Quotes to welcome next year’s first graders. With your child, please write his or her favorite part of first grade and send it to school today. It could be something we learned, an activity we completed, or a special themed day! We are going to combine these special quotes to make a quilt to share with the kindergartners. It will help them to get excited about 1st grade! We will take a short quiz today identifying cubes, cones, cylinders, and prisms.

Thursday Day D – Music – R Day! Wear Red as we read outside and listen to ” Rock and Roll!”

Friday Day A- Library – S -Sports Day! We will take our spelling test today. I will be out of the building in meetings today and the children will have a substitute. Please dress your child in athletic clothing to play sports at the end of the day. This has been a busy week! Enjoy your long weekend and happy Memorial Day! No School Monday!!

Don’t forget about Xtra Math, especially on evenings we do not have homework. Practicing for 10 minutes a night makes a big difference in memorizing basic facts! Let me know if you need your child’s log in information.

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