Updates and Reminders

We are celebrating T day this Tuesday by doing tie-dye with our kiddos! PLEASE remember to send in a plain white tee shirt with your 1st grader if you have not yet already done so on TUESDAY. This project can get a little messy so please send children in old clothes today! I am going to rinse these shirts and students will wear them on the last day of first grade! When they come home, shirts should be washed separately for the first time only.

Wednesday is USA Day! Wear red, white, and blue!!

Thursday is Vote for your favorite cookie day! We will do lots of fun voting activities.

Friday is WATER DAY!!! How wet each child gets will be up to them. They do not have to participate in any activity that they do not want to. We will be doing water balloon games and water relays. Please send an extra pair of clothes with your child today in case he or she gets very wet. If boys want to bring swimming trunks to change into, that would be fine.

This week is going to be FUN!!

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