Week of September 3, 2019

Monday September 2, 2019— No School! Enjoy Labor Day with your family!

Tuesday September 3, Day D- Music Today we will being working at stations during literacy time! We will begin our math curriculum today. We will be using pictures to add. Students will have math homework tonight.

Wednesday September 4,– Day A- Applied Engineering. We will visit the library today. We will have math homework tonight.

Thursday, September 5 Day B- Art – Today is our first spelling test on the words listed below. We will have math homework tonight.

For Spelling test 9-5-19 am at cat can ran man map tap a the

Friday, September 6- Day C Phys Ed. Please wear sneakers – Today we will receive our new spelling list and high frequency words for next week. See below. Enjoy the weekend!

Spelling words: hat, had, sad, sat, bat, bag, at, can, help, now

High Frequency Words: in, no, too

Vocabulary: escape, fright, nearby, cram,. solution, strategy

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