Week of September 16, 2019

Monday Day A Applied Engineering – Today we will get a new spelling list and learn ways to make 9. We will have math homework. Below is a list of our new words for the week. Our spelling test will be on Monday , Sep 23.

Spelling Words: in pin pig big dig did had sat no too

High Frequency Words: get, home, hold, so, soon

Vocabulary Words: capacity, haul, proud, especially, memorize, sensed

Tuesday Day B Art – Today we will take a short quiz on adding numbers to 9. We will also practice short i words and learn about voting in social studies.

Wednesday Day C Phys. Ed– Please wear sneakers! Today we will learn ways to make 10 by adding. We will have math homework tonight. We will learn about the job of president in social studies today.

Thursday Day D Music – Today we will practice how to find missing parts of 10. We will practice this for two days, so we will not have homework tonight.

Friday Day A Applied Engineering and Library Book Exchange – Today is APPLE DAY! To celebrate the first day of fall we are going to have apple day in the afternoon. The students will travel to each first grade class to complete an apple activity or play a game! Have a wonderful weekend!

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