Week of September 23, 2019

Monday 9/23: Day B – Art Today we will take our spelling test on Lesson 3, short i words.

Tuesday 9/24 : Day C: Phys Ed today we will be bringing home math homework on missing addends. This is a tricky subject. Try your best, but stop if you are frustrated. We will send home new spelling words. See below:

Spelling: pick pack tack back sack sick big in hold so

High Frequency Words: late, oh, yes

Vocabulary: ambled, politely, pouted, considerate, unexpected, routine

Wednesday 9/25 Day D- Music Today we will take our social studies test on citizenship. I am confident all of our class will do well on what it means to make good choices and be a good citizen! They have been doing a great job of it so far!

Thursday 9/26 Day A – Applied Engineering ( no library book exchange) Mr. Schuck will teach a social skills lesson today. We will also study for our math test tomorrow on adding using pictures. The students are allowed to use counting chips on their test.

Friday 9/27 Day B- Art – Our class will take our first math test today. We have an early dismissal today! Please let the office know of any transportation changes due to the early dismissal.

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