Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday November 25 Day A Applied Engineering – Students will bring home new spelling and high frequency words this week. If your child is on a modified spelling list, he or she will be tested on the first 6 words. Our spelling test will be the Thursday after Thanksgiving (12/4)

Spelling : or for form more store sort long bring your head

High Frequency Words: animals cold fish from their under very

Tuesday November 26 Day B Art Today we will play a game where we determine the main idea of books and readings. We also will use doubles to add in math class ( ex: 4+4=8).

Wednesday November 27 Day C Phys Ed We have an early dismissal today at 1:30. I hope you have a wonderful holiday at home with your friends and family!

PS: We did not bring home parts for the gingerbread play. We are going to have a special event on Thursday after Thanksgiving where parts are introduced.

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