Week of December 9

We are excited to perform our holiday reader’s theater, The Gingerbread Girl, next Thursday (12/19) at 10:30 am. As you are practicing your child’s reading part(s), please feel free to send a note or email to me if you feel a certain part/word is too difficult. We can change wording if need be. Also, it is important to send your child’s script back to school every morning so we can practice. We will be practicing every day from now until the performance. A paper will be sent home at the end of this week, asking if you will be able to attend the show. This allows for us to have enough seating in the classroom.

Our students will be bringing home a 12 Days of Kindness Santa. Since we have 12 more days until we leave for our holiday break, students are asked to try to do these twelve good deeds and bring the singed Santa back on or before 12/20. As students complete each of the tasks, they are asked to color that portion and have a parent initial it as well. This is voluntary and just for fun!

Monday 12-9 Day D Music Today we will get new spelling and high frequency words (please see list below) . We will be learning how to make a ten to add in math class. Reminder: The PTO holiday shop is this week. Our class will be shopping today at 12:00-12:30.

Spelling – shop shot shut rush wish fish for more from very

High Frequency Words – came could gold happy made night saw were

Tuesday 12-10 Day A – Applied Engineering Today we will continue to practice words with /sh/. We also will work on strategies to use when adding. In social studies, we will begin making cards for community helpers.

Wednesday 12/11 Day B Art – We will finish our cards celebrating and thanking community helpers today and address them to be delivered in our community. We will practice adding numbers in any order .

Thursday 12/12 Day C Phys.Ed Today we will review for our spelling test on words containing /sh/. Mr. Schuck will teach a social skills lesson,

Friday 12/13 Day D Music We will have our spelling test on words with /sh/ today. This will be our last spelling test before the holiday break. We also will begin adding three numbers in math class. Today will be Miss Riley’s last day with us before Millersville University takes a winter break. We look forward to seeing her again in the end of January, when she will be with us everyday until May.

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