Week of January 6, 2020

Happy New Year to our families!

Monday 1/6 Day D Music: In math class we are subtracting from 10 and learning strategies to subtract from 20. These strategies will include: counting back, using a number line, and using doubles to subtract ( ex: 6-3=3) . We also will get new spelling, high frequency, and vocabulary words for the week. We will work on these words a lot this week and our test will be on Friday 1/10.

Spelling Words: far, farm, arm, art, part, park, chin, such, fly, watch

High Frequency Words: again, feel, house, know, loud, Mrs., put, say

Vocabulary: blunder, reassure, excel, approach, energetic, pace

Tuesday 1/7 Day A Applied Engineering and Book Exchange : This will be out last Applied Engineering lesson with Mr. Andrew. He will be teaching at Central Manor for the 2nd half of the year. We have learned a lot from him and will miss him very much, but we look forward to Applied Engineering again in the fall as 2nd graders! We will have Library Instruction for the 2nd half of the year.

Wednesday 1/8 Day B Art -Today we will practice our words with /ar/ and meet ” Mark the Pirate!” It will be a fun day. Students will also take their DIBELS test today practicing reading short passages and reading short consonant-vowel- consonant words. In math, we will use doubles to subtract.

Thursday 1/9 Day C- Phys. Ed Please wear sneakers. Mr. Schuck will teach a social skills lesson today.

Friday 1/10 Day D Music We will have our spelling test today on words with /ar/.

Have a great weekend! No School on Monday 1/13/2020

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