Upcoming Info for the Week

Monday, 1/27 Day A Library ( no book exchange ) Today we are looking forward to sharing our Arctic Animal reports in front of the “Green Screen!” We will be coming to you live from the Arctic! Keep an eye on our blog for a link to our show! We will review for our Chapter 4 Math test and send home a review.

Tuesday, 1/28 Day B Art Today we will take our Math test on Chapter 4- using strategies to subtract.

Wednesday 1/30 Day C Phys. Ed Please wear sneakers! Now that we have finished Chapter 4 on strategies to subtract, we will take our 2nd Benchmark assessment on adding and subtracting.

Thursday 1/31 Day D Music Today is our 100th day of school! We will be having stations in the afternoon to celebrate being 100 days smarter in first grade! If you have your clearances on file with the school and would like to volunteer, please email me at ASAP at cristen.appel@pennmanor.net . We will also have our spelling test on r-controlled vowels.

Friday 2/1 Day A Library ( book exchange) We will bring home new spelling words today!

Report Cards for Marking Period 2 will be coming home this week. Please review and keep the report card, sign the envelope and return the signed envelope as soon as possible. Thank you!

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