Week of February 10

Monday – Day C- Gym Class– Please wear sneakers. Today we will bring home new spelling and high frequency words. Our test will be on Friday.

Spelling Words- low slow grow road soap boat little handle carry would

High Frequency Words- mouse our over pretty surprise three

Vocabulary Words- command labor vary bulged jostled argue

Tuesday Day D- Music – Our class is happy to have Mrs. Tuel substituting for Mrs. Brubaker while she is home with her new baby boy!

Wednesday Day A -Library- BOOK EXCHANGE

Thursday Day B – Art- Mr. Schuck will teach a social skills lesson today. Please make sure you bring your class valentine cards in today ! If you need another class list copy, please let me know.

Friday Day C- Phys Ed and VALENTINE’S DAY! We are excited to have a celebration this afternoon!

Spelling Test on words with -oa and –ow

Week Topics at a Glance-

In math we will be comparing numbers, and beginning to use the greater than and less than symbols.

In spelling and phonics this week we are working on the long o sound, such as at the end of a word slow, or in the middle of a word, boat.

In reading, we are studying point of view and author’s purpose.

In science we are examining heat energy and living and non living things.

Looking Ahead: Monday, February 17. No School. Happy President’s Day!

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