Read Across America Week!

  • This is sure to be a fun week in first grade! We are looking forward to having special fun activities each day!
  • Monday Day A Library ( No Book Exchange) “ Be a Who in Whoville!” Crazy hair Day!
  • Tuesday Day B Art “Thing One and Thing Two Twin Day!” Be a twin with someone in the class or wear a red shirt and we can all be twins! I have ‘ Thing” signs for us in the classroom! Spelling Test – long a words
  • Wednesday Day C Phys Ed – Please wear sneakers “Cat in the Hat” Hat Day!
  • Thursday Day D- Music- Fox in Socks Crazy Sock Day!
  • Friday Day A- Library ( Book Exchange)- Green Eggs and Ham, wear green today! We will also have special Dr. Suess stations in the afternoon. If you have your school clearances and would like to help out, please email me asap!
  • Topics at a Glance for the week of 3/2…
  • Phonics/ Spelling- long a words represented with – ay or -ai-
  • Reading Topic- cause and effect, problem and solution
  • Math- adding tens and adding tens and ones EX: 30+40=70, 30+7=37
  • Science – mixtures and solutions, review solids, liquids, and gases

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