Springing Ahead into the Week!

Monday 3/9 Day B ART Today we will work on our new spelling and high frequency word list which was sent home Friday. Below are the words for the week…

Spelling Words ( pattern a_e ) : came game gate late lake take day play four place

High Frequency Words: around hears open found might tired near gone

Tuesday 3/10 Day C Phys Ed- Please wear sneakers. I will be out of the building today, but Miss Riley will be out substitute. In science our class will be learning the difference between and creating both solutions and mixtures.

Wednesday 3/11 Day D ART

Thursday 3/12 Day A Library – NO BOOK EXCHANGE today . Today we will begin to explore the concept of regrouping when adding two digit numbers. This is a tough concept and we will be working on it for the next several days. Our spelling test is today.

Friday Day B ART Today we have an early dismissal at 1:30. Please let the office know of any transportation changes. We will take a short science quiz today.

Week at a Glance:

Phonics- Long a using spelling pattern: a ____ e as in safe

Literary Concept- Cause and Effect- Problem and Solution

Math – Adding two digit numbers with and without regrouping

Science – mixtures, solutions, and experimenting with dissolving objects.

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