Good Afternoon Families

 It was so nice being able to connect via phone with a lot of you over the past few days.  Miss Riley and I called all our families to check in and give some updates to you.  If we did not get a hold of you, then I probably left a voicemail, and you can gladly email me if you want us to try calling you again tomorrow.  I am going to post some highlights down below if you need help…

**Starting on Monday afternoon the district will have Optional learning activities for students to access by grade level on a Penn Manor district homepage. There will be a first grade folder with some optional activities that first grade teachers across the district have gathered for your child to do at home for seven days.  Please do not access this until noon on Monday as the district is working to put this page together. Please know they are fun review concepts for reading, writing, math, and content areas and feel free to send a picture of your child work. (If you have questions once posted on Monday, please let us know)

**Also we wanted to make sure that you are signed up for the Hambright Blog as that will be the primary means of communication for the Hambright school.  (If you need to subscribe for notifications, go to the Penn Manor website, select school on the top right and choose Hambright, under the parent tab there is a subscribe to blog link.    

**Report cards: On the Hambright blog, they have posted reminders for parents to obtain a Sapphire account so they can review student grades, attendance, etc. We will be distributing our third marking period report cards for grades 1-6 through the parent portal. Simply click here and follow the directions to obtain this account. If you have already done so, then great.  Next week you should be able to view your child’s report card on Sapphire;  information will be posted on the school blog when available.

**Last but not least, I appreciate your flexibility and support as we are working from home to help your child.  We do not know what the future holds but we want to be here to help.  I hope you have all received an invite to the Class Tag parent/teacher communication app.  This is new for me but I have heard good things and would like to be able to try a quick source/connection with all of you.  So you can just click on the link in your email invite and get added to our Class Tag.  There is an easy and free app on your phone too.  So I will be using it like our class blog communication as in posting announcements, newsletter/reminders, and feel free to message us directly through the app.  The Class Tag is only set up for our class to view and participate.  Miss Riley will be responding and posting throughout the next few days as well.

We miss you and we truly miss our classroom family. Please know that we are thinking of you and hope to see you as soon as possible! – Cristen Appel and Shayla Riley

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