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The year is off to a great start! We were able to remove some furniture from our classroom and as of now, all 17 of our students are in the same classroom, spaced 6 feet apart. We couldn’t be happier to be together as a class.

We are beginning to use out laptops daily in the classroom. If you have not already, please send a pair of headphones or earbuds to school with your child’s name labeled somewhere on them. A computer agreement will be coming home this week. Please fill it out and return to school asap. Your child cannot bring his or her laptop home until a signed agreement is returned. Thanks for your cooperation.

If you have signed up for the seesaw app you have noticed your child is beginning to complete assignments on the program. These assignments are to practice using the skills to complete many of the assignments seesaw has to offer. For example, this week we are learning to use the microphone, camera, and video. Please do not worry about completing any assignments at home just yet. We will wait until laptops are home to have any home assignment.

Spelling Words for the week: Test on Friday 9-18-2020

am at cat can ran man map tap a the

Word Wall Words: let’s help now

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