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A Busy Week Ahead!

Monday Day A Applied Engineering and BOOK EXCHANGE Today we will review for our math test on using strategies to add. We will practice counting on, doubles, near doubles, and using a number line. We will also begin practicing words with -ch. We will not be having another spelling test until after the holiday. We will read The Grinch today and make a Grinch adjective project. We will also make an invitation for parents to join us in our holiday reader’s theater.

Tuesday Day B ART Our math test in chapter 3 will be today. We will read about reindeer during our stations. We do not have books coming home this week. Instead please read a book of your choice with your first grader and practice his or her line(s) for the play. Students will have scripts with them during the show so they do not need to memorize lines, but they do need to be familiar with them. If you are able to send in small candies or GREEN ICING (hint, hint) please do so for our holiday activity on Thursday.

Wednesday Day C Phys Ed Please wear sneakers. First grade teachers are in meetings all day today so we will all have substitutes.

Thursday Day D MUSIC Today we will have our show! If you are coming to the show, please be at Hambright by 10:30. The performance is about 10 -15 minutes long with refreshments afterward. The show is in our classroom, so although we are excited to perform for you, it is for family only due to the small amount of room we have. This afternoon first grades are making gingerbread trees. They will be bringing them home in an enclosed container.

Friday Day A – EARLY DISMISSAL Today will be our annual holiday assembly ! Have a wonderful and relaxing winter break with your friends and family. Thank you for the opportunity to be your child’s teacher. Each one is special to me and please know how much I care for them. School is back in session January 2. See you then!


Just a reminder: Spelling test on words with beginning and ending sounds /sh/ tomorrow

We are making gingerbread trees on Thursday afternoon. Our class is in need of toppings for the trees such as: gummy candy, gum drops, sprinkles, M&Ms, and mini marshmallows. We are also in need of GREEN ICING! These trees take a lot of icing! Please send in donations by Wednesday 12/18. We greatly appreciate your help!

Week of December 9

We are excited to perform our holiday reader’s theater, The Gingerbread Girl, next Thursday (12/19) at 10:30 am. As you are practicing your child’s reading part(s), please feel free to send a note or email to me if you feel a certain part/word is too difficult. We can change wording if need be. Also, it is important to send your child’s script back to school every morning so we can practice. We will be practicing every day from now until the performance. A paper will be sent home at the end of this week, asking if you will be able to attend the show. This allows for us to have enough seating in the classroom.

Our students will be bringing home a 12 Days of Kindness Santa. Since we have 12 more days until we leave for our holiday break, students are asked to try to do these twelve good deeds and bring the singed Santa back on or before 12/20. As students complete each of the tasks, they are asked to color that portion and have a parent initial it as well. This is voluntary and just for fun!

Monday 12-9 Day D Music Today we will get new spelling and high frequency words (please see list below) . We will be learning how to make a ten to add in math class. Reminder: The PTO holiday shop is this week. Our class will be shopping today at 12:00-12:30.

Spelling – shop shot shut rush wish fish for more from very

High Frequency Words – came could gold happy made night saw were

Tuesday 12-10 Day A – Applied Engineering Today we will continue to practice words with /sh/. We also will work on strategies to use when adding. In social studies, we will begin making cards for community helpers.

Wednesday 12/11 Day B Art – We will finish our cards celebrating and thanking community helpers today and address them to be delivered in our community. We will practice adding numbers in any order .

Thursday 12/12 Day C Phys.Ed Today we will review for our spelling test on words containing /sh/. Mr. Schuck will teach a social skills lesson,

Friday 12/13 Day D Music We will have our spelling test on words with /sh/ today. This will be our last spelling test before the holiday break. We also will begin adding three numbers in math class. Today will be Miss Riley’s last day with us before Millersville University takes a winter break. We look forward to seeing her again in the end of January, when she will be with us everyday until May.

Please Consider Helping

Dear Families,
Our annual Mitten Tree will be set up in the Hambright lobby. Let’s synergize and fill our tree with mittens, hats, scarves and gloves that will be donated to families in need. All sizes from infant to adult will be accepted. Donations must be new and are due by Thursday, December 19. Thank you for helping to keep Penn Manor families warm this winter!  

While you are Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday shopping, please keep this in mind.  



There is a math homework sheet in your child’s folder. Usually we do not have math homework, however; if your child would like to earn an extra credit point for our next math test, please complete the adding doubles paper tonight. 🙂

Also, this in from the office:

Dear Parents and Guardians,
In order to support Penn Manor families during the holiday season, we will be collecting the below items at each school throughout the district. If your family is able and willing to donate, we would very much appreciate your generosity! We will be collecting the items listed below between Tuesday, December 3rd and Wednesday, December 11 th .

Kindergarten – toothbrushes
1 st grade – toothpaste
2 nd grade – bars of soap
3 rd grade – combs/brushes
4 th grade- bottle of shampoo
5 th grade – bottle of conditioner
6 th grade – deodorant
7 th and 8 th grade – NEW socks (all sizes)
High school – NEW drawstring bag

If your family would like to provide more than is listed above and would like to make a monetary donation, please send the amount you choose by check to your child’s school secretary by December 11 th . Make your check payable to Penn Manor Family Fund and on the memo line write “Holiday Gifts”.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday November 25 Day A Applied Engineering – Students will bring home new spelling and high frequency words this week. If your child is on a modified spelling list, he or she will be tested on the first 6 words. Our spelling test will be the Thursday after Thanksgiving (12/4)

Spelling : or for form more store sort long bring your head

High Frequency Words: animals cold fish from their under very

Tuesday November 26 Day B Art Today we will play a game where we determine the main idea of books and readings. We also will use doubles to add in math class ( ex: 4+4=8).

Wednesday November 27 Day C Phys Ed We have an early dismissal today at 1:30. I hope you have a wonderful holiday at home with your friends and family!

PS: We did not bring home parts for the gingerbread play. We are going to have a special event on Thursday after Thanksgiving where parts are introduced.

Week of November 18, 2019

Thank you for your patience with my late blog post this week. I have been out of town for a family matter:)

Tuesday, November 19- Day A – Library Book Exchange and Applied Engineering. We will continue to practice spelling and reading words with -ng endings such as sing, song, sang, sung. Please see Words to Know list which came home yesterday. We will work on counting on using pennies, and we will also have a book to read at home tonight as well.

Wednesday, November 20- Day B- Art Today we will continue to count on as a strategy to add. We also will begin using a number line as well. Please see your child’s folder for a book to read tonight.

Thursday, November 21- Day C – Phys Ed. Please wear sneakers for gym class. Today Mr. Schuck will teach a lesson on social skills. A reading book will be coming home tonight.

Friday, November 22 -Day D – Music We will take our spelling test on words ending in /ng/ today. Today we will also have thanksgiving stations in the afternoon and complete an activity with the other first grade teachers. We will end the day with an all school assembly.

Monday, November 25- Applied Engineering We will begin our Lesson 11 spelling and high frequency words today. We also will have several fun Thanksgiving lessons planned in the classroom! Students will be bringing home a reading book tonight and tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 26- Day B- Art We will take a short quiz on addition strategies such as counting on and using a number line. We will also begin to use doubles to add.

Wednesday, November 27- Day C- Phys. Ed Please wear sneakers. We will receive our parts for our reader’s theater play of the gingerbread boy and girl today and bring home our lines! Today is a fun day at school and an early dismissal (1:30). Please notify the office of any transportation changes. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your family! I am thankful for the opportunity to work with your child!

Week of November 11, 2019

I enjoyed meeting with you for parent-teacher conferences! If you were unable to attend your conference, your child’s first marking period report card will be coming home on Monday. Please review it and sign the envelope. You may keep the report card and send only the envelope back to school. Please let me know if you have any comments or concerns . Thank you for a great start to the year!

Monday Day C- Phys. Ed We will celebrate veterans today! We also will be bringing home new spelling words. If your child is taking a modified list, please only practice the spelling words that are highlighted on the Words To Know list. Our spelling test will be Friday.

Spelling List – us bus must cut cub club with then don’t says

High Frequency Words now tree

Robust Vocabulary: claimed dine groaned classify function nutritious

Tuesday Day D – Music Today we will continue to work on tens and ones in math class, along with practicing the sound of short u in spelling. Books to read at home will come home today, Wednesday, and Thursday. Please be sure to read these with your child and return to school in your child’s Apple Folder. We are learning about community helpers in social studies.

Wednesday Day A- Applied Engineering We have an assembly today. We are also preparing for a quiz on tens and ones.

Thursday Day B- Art I will be at meetings today, but will have a substitute. Miss Riley will also be staying at Hambright to teach today! Mr. Schuck will teach a social skills lesson.

Friday Day C- Phys. Ed We will have a spelling test today on our short u word list. Have a great weekend!

Week of October 28, 2019

Monday 10-28 Day B ( ART) Today we will learn about bats and complete some fun reading, math and art activities! We will take our math benchmark test on adding and subtracting using pictures and manipulatives. Monday is also team shirt/ jersey day for our Red Ribbon Week. Be sure to wear your favorite team shirt!

Tuesday 10-29 Day C ( PHYS ED) We will read, The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything and complete several fun scarecrow activities today! Mr. Schuck will also teach a social skills lesson and we will begin our short math unit on using and counting tens and ones. For Red Ribbon Week this week we will celebrate by wearing orange ( ” Orange you glad you don’t do drugs?”) .

Wednesday 10-30 Day D ( MUSIC) Today we will learn about spiders and write a non fiction piece of 3 spider facts. We also will have out spelling test on short e words ( sent home last week). We will continue to play games using tens and ones in math class. During science, Mrs. Adams will give our kiddos their unit assessment on seasons and weather. For Red Ribbon Week, we will wear red!

Thursday 10-31 Day A ( APPLIED ENGINEERING) We will celebrate fall by having pumpkin stations this afternoon! Students will travel to all 1st grade classrooms to complete a fun fall station. Be sure to check out the neat fall crafts and activities the kiddos bring home! Be sure to wear jeans for Red Ribbon Week. New spelling words will be send home:

Spelling Words: then them this that path with ten get said was

High Frequency Words: don’t her line Mr. says water

Vocabulary : applauded chatty gather duty envy resent

Our spelling test will be next Friday. As we look ahead to the following week, please remember we have parent-teacher conferences Wednesday and Thursday. The students will be having an early dismissal Wed. 11-6, Thurs 11-7, and Fri 11-8. Please notify the office with any transportation changes.

NO SCHOOL FRIDAY!! Be safe if you are trick-or-treating!

Week of October 21, 2019

Monday Day A – Today we will take our spelling test on Lesson 6 words, words that contain -all endings. We also have applied engineering. We will begin working on related facts in math.

Tuesday Day B – We have art today and will also begin Lesson 7 in language arts. We will be working on words with short e, comparing and contrasting, and sequencing events this week. In math, we will continue to work on related facts.

Spelling Words: set, sent, ten, tell, let, get, all, call, make, of

High Frequency Words: day, eat, first, said, time, was

Vocabulary Words: chorus, odor, shoved, assemble, consume, enthusiastic

Wednesday Day C: Wear your sneakers for gym class today!

Thursday Day D- In math today, we will review for our test on subtraction tomorrow. We also have music today. Mr. Schuck will teach a social skills lesson today also.

Friday Day A– Today is an early dismissal. Please let the office know of any transportation changes. today is our math test on subtraction using pictures. We have Applied Engineering today! Have a great weekend!