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Please check your child’s folder for math homework tonight!

We are sending home a voluntary kindness activity! Please feel free to complete and return by Friday 2/14 for a special kindness treat!

Week of February 10

Monday – Day C- Gym Class– Please wear sneakers. Today we will bring home new spelling and high frequency words. Our test will be on Friday.

Spelling Words- low slow grow road soap boat little handle carry would

High Frequency Words- mouse our over pretty surprise three

Vocabulary Words- command labor vary bulged jostled argue

Tuesday Day D- Music – Our class is happy to have Mrs. Tuel substituting for Mrs. Brubaker while she is home with her new baby boy!

Wednesday Day A -Library- BOOK EXCHANGE

Thursday Day B – Art- Mr. Schuck will teach a social skills lesson today. Please make sure you bring your class valentine cards in today ! If you need another class list copy, please let me know.

Friday Day C- Phys Ed and VALENTINE’S DAY! We are excited to have a celebration this afternoon!

Spelling Test on words with -oa and –ow

Week Topics at a Glance-

In math we will be comparing numbers, and beginning to use the greater than and less than symbols.

In spelling and phonics this week we are working on the long o sound, such as at the end of a word slow, or in the middle of a word, boat.

In reading, we are studying point of view and author’s purpose.

In science we are examining heat energy and living and non living things.

Looking Ahead: Monday, February 17. No School. Happy President’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine Day List

If you would like to join in the fun, please send one valentine for each member of our class. We are going to have our celebration on Friday 2/14. Please have cards sent in by Thursday 2/13.

A class list is coming home this evening.

Week of February 3

Monday 2/3 Day B- ART – We will continue to work on new spelling words ending in -le. Due to the assembly at the end of the day, we did not get our new spelling lists home on Friday. Please check them out below:

Spelling: hand handle wig wiggle single little turn girl by room

High Frequency Words: buy carry money other paint paper would

Tuesday 2/4 Day C Phys Ed – Please wear sneakers. We will be sending home word bags with some students today. If your 1st grader brings home a word bag, please read the enclosed form and practice nightly for 5-10 minutes. More cards will be added as your child learns his or her words. PLEASE remember to send these back to school daily.

Wednesday 2/5 Day D MUSIC We are working on our elephant non fiction reports today. We will also learn the concepts and symbols for greater than and less than this week. We will have math homework tonight.

Thursday 2/6 Day A LIBRARY ( no book exchange) Mr. Schuck will teach a social skills lesson today. We will be bringing home a book to read tonight.

Friday 2/7 Day B ART Our spelling test will be today on the above words. We also have an early dismissal. Please let the office know of any transportation changes. Thanks!

Below is a link to see our class presentation on arctic animals. It is not a public link. Enjoy!

Upcoming Info for the Week

Monday, 1/27 Day A Library ( no book exchange ) Today we are looking forward to sharing our Arctic Animal reports in front of the “Green Screen!” We will be coming to you live from the Arctic! Keep an eye on our blog for a link to our show! We will review for our Chapter 4 Math test and send home a review.

Tuesday, 1/28 Day B Art Today we will take our Math test on Chapter 4- using strategies to subtract.

Wednesday 1/30 Day C Phys. Ed Please wear sneakers! Now that we have finished Chapter 4 on strategies to subtract, we will take our 2nd Benchmark assessment on adding and subtracting.

Thursday 1/31 Day D Music Today is our 100th day of school! We will be having stations in the afternoon to celebrate being 100 days smarter in first grade! If you have your clearances on file with the school and would like to volunteer, please email me at ASAP at . We will also have our spelling test on r-controlled vowels.

Friday 2/1 Day A Library ( book exchange) We will bring home new spelling words today!

Report Cards for Marking Period 2 will be coming home this week. Please review and keep the report card, sign the envelope and return the signed envelope as soon as possible. Thank you!

New Spelling Words!

Tuesday 1/14 Day A Library (no book exchange) Today we will be bringing home new spelling and high frequency words! Our test on this list will be Wednesday, January 22. There is math homework this evening.

Spelling quit quick quiz whiz which when arm part house put

High Frequency Words: about books family name people read work writing

Vocabulary cozily interrupted triumphantly accomplishment ambition admire

Wednesday 1/15 Day B ART Today we will continue to work on words with qu and wh . We will also write in our mission notebooks on motion and begin to learn about the narwhal. We will take a short math quiz on using strategies to subtract ( using doubles, counting back, and using a number line).

Thursday 1/16 Day C Phys. Ed Please wear sneakers. We will have a book to read tonight for homework.

Friday 1/17 Day D MUSIC Mr. Schuck will teach a social skills lesson today. We will continue to work on nonfiction writing about narwhals and practicing words with qu and wh.

Reminder: There will be NO SCHOOL Monday January 20 in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Day.

Week of January 6, 2020

Happy New Year to our families!

Monday 1/6 Day D Music: In math class we are subtracting from 10 and learning strategies to subtract from 20. These strategies will include: counting back, using a number line, and using doubles to subtract ( ex: 6-3=3) . We also will get new spelling, high frequency, and vocabulary words for the week. We will work on these words a lot this week and our test will be on Friday 1/10.

Spelling Words: far, farm, arm, art, part, park, chin, such, fly, watch

High Frequency Words: again, feel, house, know, loud, Mrs., put, say

Vocabulary: blunder, reassure, excel, approach, energetic, pace

Tuesday 1/7 Day A Applied Engineering and Book Exchange : This will be out last Applied Engineering lesson with Mr. Andrew. He will be teaching at Central Manor for the 2nd half of the year. We have learned a lot from him and will miss him very much, but we look forward to Applied Engineering again in the fall as 2nd graders! We will have Library Instruction for the 2nd half of the year.

Wednesday 1/8 Day B Art -Today we will practice our words with /ar/ and meet ” Mark the Pirate!” It will be a fun day. Students will also take their DIBELS test today practicing reading short passages and reading short consonant-vowel- consonant words. In math, we will use doubles to subtract.

Thursday 1/9 Day C- Phys. Ed Please wear sneakers. Mr. Schuck will teach a social skills lesson today.

Friday 1/10 Day D Music We will have our spelling test today on words with /ar/.

Have a great weekend! No School on Monday 1/13/2020

A Busy Week Ahead!

Monday Day A Applied Engineering and BOOK EXCHANGE Today we will review for our math test on using strategies to add. We will practice counting on, doubles, near doubles, and using a number line. We will also begin practicing words with -ch. We will not be having another spelling test until after the holiday. We will read The Grinch today and make a Grinch adjective project. We will also make an invitation for parents to join us in our holiday reader’s theater.

Tuesday Day B ART Our math test in chapter 3 will be today. We will read about reindeer during our stations. We do not have books coming home this week. Instead please read a book of your choice with your first grader and practice his or her line(s) for the play. Students will have scripts with them during the show so they do not need to memorize lines, but they do need to be familiar with them. If you are able to send in small candies or GREEN ICING (hint, hint) please do so for our holiday activity on Thursday.

Wednesday Day C Phys Ed Please wear sneakers. First grade teachers are in meetings all day today so we will all have substitutes.

Thursday Day D MUSIC Today we will have our show! If you are coming to the show, please be at Hambright by 10:30. The performance is about 10 -15 minutes long with refreshments afterward. The show is in our classroom, so although we are excited to perform for you, it is for family only due to the small amount of room we have. This afternoon first grades are making gingerbread trees. They will be bringing them home in an enclosed container.

Friday Day A – EARLY DISMISSAL Today will be our annual holiday assembly ! Have a wonderful and relaxing winter break with your friends and family. Thank you for the opportunity to be your child’s teacher. Each one is special to me and please know how much I care for them. School is back in session January 2. See you then!