Clip Chart

Clip Chart

This year we will be using a colored “clip chart” to monitor our behavior and classroom choices.  Your child will have a clip in the classroom that they will physically move up or down the chart, depending on their choices. They will be expected to be quiet listeners, cooperate with friends, and follow school rules. Please do not expect your child to move to the top every single day. In order to move up, students must go above and beyond in their behavior choices! If they move down, they always have the opportunity to adjust their behavior and move back up. The chart below explains how the clip chart works.


“Off The Chart!”

If students continue to make outstanding choices after reaching pink, they go “Off the Chart!” Their clip will be worn by their teacher or principal, and they will get a jewel for their clip. When students earn five jewels, their clip will be hung in the “Hall of Fame” and they will get a new one!


Looking Like a Leader!

Students who reach the pink level will receive a Principal Pride slip for their outstanding behavior.


Being a Role Model!

Students who continue to make positive choices move up to the purple level.  They are one step closer to having outstanding classroom behavior!


Showing Hambright Pride!

Students who participate in class, work appropriately and follow school rules will receive recognition as they move up the chart.


Ready to Learn!

Everyone starts the day “Ready to Learn”! Students will can “clip up” or “clip down” throughout the day depending on their behavior choices.



Students who receive a warning will move to green. This serves as a reminder to students to do their best listening, to cooperate with others, or to follow school rules.


Make Better Choices

Students who receive a second warning will move to yellow. This reminds students to slow down and be more careful in making better choices.


Thinks Things Over

Students who continue to make poor choices will move to orange.  This will result in a “Time Out” during which students will fill out a Think Sheet to help reflect on their behavior. A copy of the Think Sheet will be sent home for parent signature.


Teacher’s Choice

Students who move to red will receive a consequence.   Students may lose recess, be referred to the office, or their parents will be contacted with a note or phone call.

Students who end the day on blue, purple, pink, or “Off the Chart!” will earn a sticker for their personal sticker chart. After earning five stickers, they will earn a special prize!

Each day, students will fill out a chart in their  take home folder, showing where they ended their day. Please sign the chart each night and discuss your child’s behavior with them. Encourage them to do their best every day!  Each day is a fresh start, and the encouragement and support you provide at home will be very motivating to your child!


I believe this system will be a positive and visual way for students to monitor their own behavior choices and will give them personal goals to strive for! As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me.

Thank you for supporting your child in reaching outstanding behavior goals!