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PJ Day is Thursday!

We are so excited that we earned our class points and to have our PJ/Stuffed Animal day on Thursday!! If your second grader choices to participate, please have him/her wear weather appropriate pajamas. A small stuffed animal is welcome to join in on the fun too!!

News for 2/24

Hello 2E Families! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weekend! This update is a bit longer than usual, but please read through it all because there is a lot of important information in it! Thank you!!

*Our money unit is in full swing and we are trying to make “cents” of it!! Some of us are really struggling with counting money because we are still trying to identify the coins and their worth. It would be VERY HELPFUL if you could spend time each evening reviewing this life skill. Students need to be able to name the coin and it’s value from both the front and back. They also need to be given a handful of coins (total value under $1) and be able to sort them from highest value to lowest and add the values to find a total. Thank you so much for your support at home!!

*Reading calendars are due Friday! Please total your child’s minutes for Friday, thank you!!

*Spelling test Friday, the list came home last Friday.

*Please note the April 24th early dismissal time below. This is a time change from our typical early dismissal times!

*PTO has a lot of special things happening! Please be sure to see the dates listed below and feel free to visit the PTO Facebook page for more information. PTO is also looking for volunteers and donations for some upcoming events if you are able to help!

*Please read this important message from Dr. Madara about a lesson this week. A letter also came home on Friday about this.

Dear Second Grade Families,

Every year, Penn Manor provides a Personal Safety Program for second grade students. The program is presented in a positive, non-threatening manner, using an age appropriate video entitled, “It’s Your Body: You’re in Charge” by Human Relations Media. The subject material to be discussed will include determining “okay” and “not okay” touches, learning to trust feelings, establishing the concept of private zones, being assertive, and asking for help.

Your child’s class is scheduled for February 27.

Parents/guardians are welcome to attend their child’s session of this Personal Safety Program, or may arrange to preview the materials in advance. If you would like to attend this program, please email/call me at the below contact information.

If you would like your child excused from the program, please notify me in writing no later than Tuesday, February 25, 2020


Dr. Shannon Madara

School Counselor

(717)872-1401 ext 3203

Special Reminders:

*Friday – Spelling Test

*Friday – February Reading Calendars due! (165 minutes)

Looking Ahead…

*Friday, March 6 – PTO Movie Night at CM (Doors open at 5:30 and the movie begins at 6:00)

*Monday, March 9 – PTO Meeting (6:30 in the CM Library)

*Friday, March 13 – 1:30 Early Dismissal

*Wednesday, March 25 – School Wide Art Show from 6-8 PM at CM! Your child’s artwork will be on display, AND this is also the pick up night for Gertrude Hawk candy if you placed an order!

*Sunday, March 29 – Grandparent/Special Friend Bingo is back! Doors open at 3:30, Bingo begins at 4:00. Admission is free, however extra cards, concession items and raffle tickets are available for purchase.

*Friday, March 27 – Weather Make-up Day

*Friday, April 24 – 12:10 Early Dismissal


I just wanted to send a quick update to let you know that we will be starting a new math chapter…MONEY!  I know a lot of us do not even use coins anymore (plastic is way easier!), but our students are required to learn the values and totals of groups of coins.  We are working with the quarter, dime, nickel, and penny.  Students need to be able to identify each coin and know its’ worth.  That’s where I need YOUR HELP!

If you could, PLEASE help your child memorize these coins and their values.  This could be as simple as a 2 minute drill each day.  Ask your child the name and value of each coin when seeing it either from the front or back.   Then, it would be great to help your child count similar coins first (using skip counting), and then mixed coins.  Again, I know this seems very redundant, but it’s what your student needs!  We will work with difficult word problems, and if we don’t know basic values, this will be VERY challenging for all!

Again, thank you for your help! 🙂

News for Feb. 10

What a gorgeous day! I hope my second grade friends can get outside and play!

Because of the early dismissal we had last Friday, we did not get a chance to sort Friday Folders. They will come home and be VERY full this Friday! 🙂

We will have the opportunity to exchange Valentines this Friday. Please remember this is optional, but if your child would like to participate, he/she should bring one in for everyone and any treats attached must be prepackaged, store bought, and peanut free. A class list came home last week. We have 23 spectacular second graders!

We will have a spelling test this Friday, but will not have a list next week since we have off next Monday. This week’s list will come home tomorrow.

Looking Ahead…

*Monday, February 17 – Presidents’ Day (No School)

*Wednesday, February 19 – Central Manor Career Day (More info to come!)

*Tuesday, February 25 – Kids at Work Day (More info to come!)

*Friday, March 6 – PTO Movie Night at CM

*Monday, March 9 – PTO Meeting (6:30 in the CM Library)

*Friday, March 13 – 1:30 Early Dismissal

*Wednesday, March 25 – School Wide Art Show from 6-8 PM at CM! Your child’s artwork will be on display!

*Friday, March 27 – Weather Make-up Day

February 2 News

February….what?? I can’t believe how fast time is flying by! We have learned so much and have made such wonderful progress! Your children make me smile every day!!

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I will be providing a class list to students. Please know that sending in Valentines is optional, but if your child would like to participate, he/she should provide one for every child. We have 23 students in our class. I also ask that if there are treats attached, they must be pre-packaged and peanut free treats. Thank you for your understanding and helping to keep everyone safe!

Your child will have 2 spelling tests coming home on Monday. Since we are mid-year and the words are getting harder, this is a good time to see if your child is spending enough study time during the week. By seeing two week’s worth of tests at once, you will see if there is a trend that needs to be addressed or if your child is on the right track. Please also notice the dictation sentences on the back. These sentences are a combination of current and past words, as well as word wall words students are expected to know. Please contact me with any questions!

Special Reminders:

*Tuesday – Kindergarten Information Night (held at Hambright Elementary)

*Friday – 1:30 Early Dismissal

*Friday – Spelling Test

*Saturday – Sweetheart Dance (for those who signed up)

Looking Ahead…

*Friday, February 14 – Valentine’s Day Exchange

*Monday, February 17 – Presidents’ Day (No School)

*Monday, February 19 – Central Manor Career Day (More info to come!)

*Friday, February 25 – Kids at Work Day (More info to come!)

*Monday, March 9 – PTO Meeting (6:30 in the CM Library)

*Friday, March 13 – 1:30 Early Dismissal

*Wednesday, March 25 – School Wide Art Show from 6-8 PM at CM! Your child’s artwork will be on display!

*Friday, March 27 – Weather Make-up Day

Update for Jan. 27

I am so proud of how far we have come since the beginning of the year! Report cards will be coming home Monday! Please sign the envelope, add comments to the comment page if you wish, and return the signed envelope as soon as possible. The report card is yours to keep! Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns!

We have been so lucky to participate in the Junior Achievement program for the past two weeks. Mrs. Holt, a former principal her at CM, has been the leader of our lessons! She has been teaching all about communities, jobs, innovations, businesses, taxes, and so much more! Tuesday will be our last lesson with her.

Reading calendars will be due on Friday! Your child’s calendar should have a total of at least 155 minutes. Kindly total your child’s minutes on his/her calendar by the due date. Thank you so much!!

Book orders are due by Wednesday if you would like to place an order.

Looking ahead:

  • Friday, February 7 – Early Dismissal
  • February 17 – No School-President’s Day Vacation
  • February 21 – Kids At Work Day @ CM – more info. coming soon!

Lunch Change

Tomorrow’s lunch will be Brunch for Lunch! The choices will be pancakes or french toast sticks.

Spelling Test tomorrow!

Extra credit for tonight is to read for 20 minutes and have it marked on the reading calendar by an adult.

Have a great night!

New Year Updates

We are off to a great start in 2020!  Your second grader may have mentioned that there are greater expectations in our classroom now.  Since we are halfway through second grade (on Friday!!), it is important that we are developing good classroom and work habits as we prepare for third grade.  We are working hard to not let thoughts pop into our heads and out of our mouths during class.  We are also learning to double check our work to make sure nothing was skipped and that all sentences have capitals and periods.  These are habits of independent workers!  We are getting there!

Your child brought home a blue paper yesterday mentioning that there have been some math class changes.  We are striving to meet the needs of every learner and help their skills grow.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Museum Day is Wednesday!  We earned our class points so Museum Day is back by popular demand!!  Your second grader may bring in several items to set up on his/her desk to display as part of our museum.  Please be aware that anything brought into school is your child’s responsibility.  Please do not send in glass or valuable items that could be broken or lost.  Thank you!

Keep working on those January calendars!  The minimum amount of minutes required for this month is 155.

*Friday, January 10 – Spelling Test

*Friday, January 10 – End of the 2nd Marking Period

Looking Ahead…

*Monday, January 13 – Teacher In-Service Day (No School)

*Monday, January 20 – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (No School)

*Friday, January 24 – Early Dismissal