This week in kindergarten…

Since we read Argh Spider! last week, we discussed the difference between fiction and nonfiction books. Then we read a nonfiction story about spiders and drew some facts we learned on our web: they have eight legs, fangs, a head and abdomen, hairs on their legs, and most have eight eyes. Some spiders eat insects, or bigger animals like lizards, frogs, fish, and snakes. Some spiders even eat each other. We also saw different kinds of webs like an orb web and a tangle web. Plus, the baby spiders are called spiderlings.

This week we also read Stellaluna, a bat who lives with a bird family and must act like a bird. We filled in a Venn diagram for bats and birds from the story, and today students did a directed drawing of a bat!

In math we completed numbers 0-5, and discussed the vocabulary word equal.

Sight words: I, a, am, go, my, the, is

Our song for is:

“I spell “is” I-S, I-S,
It doesn’t have a “Z”
I spell “is” I-S, I-S,
There’s just no foolin’ me!”

We really focused on the letters t, b, and f this week by sky writing, writing on whiteboards, and using our letter boards: “t, top, /t/” “b, bat, /b/” “f, fun, /f/” See if your child can make those sounds for you, or sky write the letter for you. 🙂 Can they spy any of those letters on items around your home?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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