Week 22

Math – This past week we continued exploring fractions. We learned how to determine if fractions are equivalent. Next week we will compare fractions and take our Chapter 10 test. In Spring Math we are working on subtracting 3-digit numbers. Any extra practice with this at home would be awesome!

ELA – We are in the second half of Stone Fox. It is almost race day! We can’t wait to find out what happens when we continue reading next week. This week we also talked about idioms…we had a ball! 🙂

The kids loved working in teams to match idioms with their actual meaning.

Content – The kids are busy creating brochures about famous places around Lancaster County.

Information about our Who Am I? Poster Project was sent home. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.

Spelling – The Lesson 16 list was sent home today and will be tested on Friday.

Report Cards will come home on Monday. Please sign the envelope and return it to school with the parent comment sheet inside. The report card is yours to keep. I am very proud of the kids and how hard they are working this year. I am so thankful for all of the help that you provide at home.

Have a wonderful weekend!! – Mrs. Binkley

Week 21

Math – We are learning all about fractions! I have been so impressed with how quickly the kids picked up identifying fractions of a whole, fractions of a set, and fractions on a number line. Next week we will learn how to compare fractions and determine if fractions are equivalent.

ELA – We are in the middle of a whole class read aloud, Stone Fox. We have also been reading about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Content – We are wrapping up our unit on Lancaster County History and will begin our multicultural unit next week. Look for information to come home about our “Who Am I?”Posters.

Spelling – Lesson 15 is a review week. Lists were sent home today and will be tested next Friday.

When it is 60 degrees in January, you go outside for an extra recess!

Week 17

Math – Last week we learned about The Distributive Property of Multiplication and the Associative Property of Multiplication. This week we will learn about order of operations and practice solving and writing expressions and equations. My goal is to give the Chapter 9 test before the end of the week.

ELA – Last week our focus was on determining the central message of a passage. The kids are in the middle of two group projects – in one they are creating a poster to illustrate the central message of a story that they read and in the other they are writing their own reader’s theater with a strong central message.

Content – We are continuing our trip around the world to learn how other countries celebrate the holiday season.

Spelling – The Lesson 12 list was sent home on Friday and will be tested this coming Friday.

One of my favorite moments of the week was when we took some time to reconnect as a class. As part of our 12 Days of Kindness, the kids learned 5 new things about a classmate. We found that we have more in common that we ever knew.

Week 16

Math – Last week we took the Chapter 8 test. The kids will make test corrections this coming week. Look for them to come home in Friday Folders. We will start Chapter 9 on Tuesday. In Chapter 9, the kids will learn about the Distributive Property and Associative Property of Multiplication. We will also work with expressions and equations. I always tell the kids that I didn’t use words like that until I was in middle school math!

ELA – When we weren’t busy identifying nonfiction text features and differentiating between cause and effect, we were jet setting around the world. You heard me right…the kids each got a passport and a suitcase and we have been learning about how holidays are celebrated in other countries.

Content – We will soon be wrapping up our Earth Science unit and will begin our second Social Studies unit.

Spelling – The Lesson 11 list was sent home on Friday and will be tested this coming Friday.

Week 14

Math – We finished Chapter 7 and took our test on Thursday. We will complete test corrections this coming week. Up next in Chapter 8, we will focus on 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, and 12 facts. Keep practicing at home!

ELA – Last week, we took a flight on Binkley Airlines. The students applied their understanding of context clues to earn tokens and travel around the world.

Content – We loved learning more about fruits/veggies and farm animals this week during Ag in the Classroom.

Spelling – There will be NO spelling list for next week. Lesson 10 tests will come home this coming week.

If you volunteered to send in supplies for our kindergarten buddy activity and/or Harvest Party, please send them into school tomorrow (unless it is fresh veggies…those can come in on Tuesday morning). THANK YOU!!

Week 13

Math – Last week we took our Chapter 6 test and started Chapter 7. We focused on our 3 and 4 facts last week. This coming week we will spend time on 0 and 1. My goal is to give the Chapter 7 test on Thursday.

ELA – We read a story about schools around the world. We also continued to use context clues to determine the meaning of unknown words.

Content – We had fun learning about weathering by doing an experiment with Lifesavers (rocks) in our mouths (streams). We realized that the faster moving stream weathered the rock more quickly.

Spelling – We took our Lesson 9 test on Friday. The Lesson 10 list was sent home and will be tested this coming Friday. If your child earned a 100% on tests 6-9, he/she does not need to take the Lesson 10 test.

Homework – Calendars are due on Monday. We will have one more week of homework in November. The week of Thanksgiving there will be no required reading or math fact practice.

This coming week we have Ag in the Classroom. Our third graders will get to hear presenters talk about animals and fruits/veggies. It is always a really fun week!

Week 12

Math – Last week we wrapped up Chapter 6. We will review on Monday and take our test on Tuesday. In Chapter 7 we will focus on multiplying and dividing by 0, 1, 3, and 4. If you ever need additional resources for practicing facts at home, please just let me know.

ELA – Last week we focused on using context clues to determine the meaning of unknown words. We also practiced identifying cause and effect relationships. We read a story about Ellen Ochoa, a famous astronaut. We will continue to learn more about her life this coming week.

Content – This coming week we will learn about weathering and erosion.

Spelling – Lesson 9 was sent home on Friday and will be tested this coming Friday.

Homework – Calendars are due on Monday.

Week 11

Math – The Chapter 5 test was sent home on Thursday. If your child’s score was lower than usual, don’t be surprised. The word problems on this test were more difficult than on our previous tests. In Chapter 6 we are continuing to practice multiplication and division (focusing on 2, 5, 10, and multiples of 10).

ELA – To prepare for our Unit 2 test, we had a main idea relay race. The kids worked in teams to determine the main idea and identify supporting details. It was so much fun! In grammar we spent more time on subjects and predicates. In writing we started a new writing project that focuses on adding details to our writing.

Spelling – A new list was sent home on Thursday and will be tested this coming Friday.

Homework – Calendars will be collected on Monday. November/December Homework Calendars were sent home last week.

We finished our first read aloud of the year, The BFG. To celebrate we wore our PJs (just like Sophie), watched The BFG (an old cartoon version, not the new one), and snacked on snozzcumbers (cucumbers) and frobscottle (ginger ale). It was a perfect way to end our week.

We met our goal in Spring Math, so to celebrate we went outside for an extra recess. It was a perfect fall day!