Week of December 3, 2018

Math – Last week we continued to work on our multiplication and division skills. We have now learned all of our facts. Now our goal is to work on memorizing these facts. Practicing for a few minutes every day at home will make a big difference! We will take our Chapter 8 test this coming week. 

To practice our facts, we played a game of Math Fact Memory

ELA – We have been focusing on identifying the central message (the lesson) of a story. During this unit we have been reading a lot of reader’s theaters. We will even get to write our own reader’s theaters this coming week! In grammar, we are focusing on verbs. In writing, we are learning how using our 5 senses to describe things makes our writing more interesting. 

We looked in magazines to find examples of verbs – turns out verbs are everywhere! 

Content – We wrapped up our unit on Lancaster County History. Last week we learned about famous places in Lancaster County, including some that we will visit during our field trip at the end of the year! 

I have been introducing a lot of new brain breaks. Here are Kyler and Noah playing one of our new favorites! 

Don’t forget to wear your ugly sweater or other holiday apparel tomorrow! 

Week of November 19, 2018

I hope that everyone is enjoying this extra time with your family. I know that it has been awesome getting to spend these extra days off with my three little turkeys at home. 

Math – We finished Chapter 7. Most kids brought home graded tests on Wednesday. If your child did not bring home a test, it is because he/she is still completing test corrections. Next week we begin Chapter 8: Apply Multiplication and Division. 

ELA – Last week we completed Unit 3. During Unit 3, the students learned all about nonfiction text features. We read “Stone Soup” and LOVED making our very own batch! 

Content – We are currently learning all about the history of Lancaster County. Students are working with a partner to create a poster and presentation about famous people from our county. 

Last week was a fun week in 3-B! We had our Harvest Party on Tuesday and spent Wednesday afternoon making “Friendship Mix” with our kindergarten buddies. 

Our Upcoming Week

Here are some important things to remember for this upcoming week:

  • If you signed up to bring in “Stone Soup” ingredients, please send them to school on Monday or Tuesday. THANK YOU! 
  • Tuesday is our class Harvest Party. Children may dress up like a farmer (wear flannel, cowboy and cowgirl hats/boots, etc.)
  • Wednesday is a 1:30 early dismissal day. There is no school Thursday-Monday. 
  • There is no spelling list for this week, but there will be math homework on Monday and Tuesday. 
  • Students should wear sneakers for PE tomorrow and bring library books on Wednesday.

I will leave you with some pictures from Ag in the Classroom last week. We had so much fun learning all about these adorable animals. 

Week of November 5, 2018

Math– Last week we wrapped up Chapter 6. This coming week we will begin Chapter 7, which continues to focus on multiplication and division. Make sure your child is practicing his/her facts at home. 

ELA – We are learning how to use text features as we read non-fiction passages. We are also continuing to practice skills that we have already learned: identifying the main idea, making inferences, etc. In grammar, we learned how to use possessive nouns to show ownership. 

Content -We learned about the stages of the water cycle. 

Spelling -The Lesson 11 list was sent home on Friday and will be tested this coming Thursday. 

The kids had so much fun shopping at the book fair! 

Week of October 29, 2018

I’m sorry for the late and brief blog post. It was a BUSY weekend of cheerleading competitions and soccer tournaments! 

I am really looking forward to seeing all of you this coming week!

Don’t forget that due to parent-teacher conferences, we have 1:30pm Early Dismissals Wednesday-Friday. Next week is also book fair week at LeTort. 

I will leave you with some pictures from last week in 3-B.

Week of October 22, 2018

Math – We finished Chapter 5: Understanding Division. The graded tests should have come home in Friday Folders. We will begin Chapter 6 on Monday. 

ELA – We completed Unit 2 of our new ELA curriculum. We will be working on test corrections this coming week. Last week was BFG week. We had fun celebrating our first read aloud of the year! 

We wore our pajamas because Sophie, one of the main characters in the book, is in her pajamas for most of the story. 

We made our own dream jars and created a BFG of our own. 

We ended the week with frobscottle and snozzcumbers. Thankfully there was no whizzpopping! 

On Friday, many of the students took part in our district wide PINK OUT! 

As a way to support Warwick School District after Friday’s tragedy, Penn Manor faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to wear red on MONDAY. 

Week of October 15, 2018

Math – I have loved how excited the kids have been to learn all about multiplication and division! Last week we learned several strategies for solving a division problem. We will complete Chapter 5 this coming week, however we will continue learning all about multiplication and division for several more weeks. 

ELA – We have continued to explore main idea and inferences. We applied our understanding of main idea by competing in main idea relay races. In writing, we have been writing an opinion paragraph about spiders. Eeek! In grammar, we are are continuing to learn about nouns. 

Content – What happens when you combine a solid (ice cream) with a liquid (root beer)? You get a gas! We had so much fun exploring the states of matter with our kindergarten buddies. 

Spelling – Our new list was sent home on Friday and will be tested this coming Friday. 

**Conference forms were sent home in Friday Folders. Please make sure to sign and return the bottom half of the form to school this week.**

Week of October 9, 2018

Math – We started Chapter 4: Understanding Multiplication. The kids were so excited! The kids learned several strategies, including using equal groups, repeated addition, and arrays, to solve multiplication problems. The chapter 3 test may have come home with your child on Friday. This test is probably one of the hardest math tests the kids will take all year. A few students are still working on either finishing the test or making corrections. 

ELA – We read a really cool story all about spiders and their webs. We also continued to learn about how to identify the main idea of a passage. On Friday, we practiced making inferences. We will continue to practice both of these new skills this coming week. In grammar, we worked with proper and plural nouns. 

Content – What is the matter? EVERYTHING! This past week we learned about matter and started to explore the three states of matter. We will continue this unit for the remainder of the marking period. 

Spelling – The Lesson 7 list was sent home on Friday. We will have our test this coming Friday, October 19th.

Please Read: Class Mystery

Hi Parents! 

This afternoon there was a mystery in 3-B! While the students were at special, a sneaky someone (ME!) made a mess in our classroom. There were Tootsie Rolls and Binkley Bucks on tables and the floor. There were fingerprints on the counter and stools knocked onto the ground. This mystery person even left behind a pair of nylons!

I conveniently had a note sheet available for each student to record their observations and make inferences about who was in our room. The students had no idea that they were learning an important skill. 

I never revealed myself as the culprit, but feel free to share the secret with your child if you would like. 

Look for pictures and video of my little detectives to be posted on the blog soon.  ~ Mrs. Binkley