Week 5

As I left my classroom today, I looked around at my overflowing in-bin, the crooked rows of desks, and the beautiful (well, it once was) flower barely hanging on by a piece of neon duct tape on my bulletin board. I was so proud of the way my room looked in August. I am even more proud of the way it looks now. It is a place where 27 amazing 3rd grade (tornadoes…I mean kids) learn and have fun. It is OUR classroom! Things are crazy and hectic, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Our Week

In Math we finished our chapter on addition and started our chapter on subtraction.

The 3rd graders have had fun using their five senses to write about their very own pumpkins. The looks on their little faces when they tasted pumpkin was priceless!

In reading, we read about what school was like many years ago. We also learned about what schools are like in different countries. I think we all appreciated LeTort a little bit more after that.

Ask Your Student

What is the proper way to line up for lunch? {Robust Vocab!!}

Is there a commutative property of subtraction? {No! Unlike addition, the order of the numbers does matter.}

 Next Week

The students have the follow tests/quizzes:

Spelling – Monday

Reading/Vocab – Monday

Math Quiz – Tuesday

Science Test – Wednesday

Fundraiser Envelopes – Due Monday, September 29th

Picture Day – Tuesday, September 30th

Hearing Screening – Wednesday, October 1st


Mad Minutes:

Due every Monday

Students should complete at least 5 minutes of fact practice every week night

Check your student’s planner every night for homework and important information.

 Looking Ahead

No School on Monday, October 13th

Happy Weekend!

Mrs. Binkley 🙂

Week Four

Our Week

We had our first all school assembly and learned all about the PTO fundraiser. The kids have been having fun earning and swapping their monkeys!

We learned about the writing process. It is amazing how long it takes to get from an idea in an author’s mind to an actual book we can read. The children were surprised to learn that most authors have no say in what the illustrations in their book look like.

Here are some students working on their writing process comics:

20140917_112332 20140917_112447 20140917_111849 20140917_112302

The 3rd graders took their 2nd spelling and reading tests. Look for the graded tests in home folders on Monday.

We had a new Student of the Week!


Ask Your Student

What have you been doing during the Word Work station?

How does a clip on the clip chart retire? {This has already happened!! Woohoo!}

Next Week

We will have our 2nd math test on Tuesday. This test will focus on the following things:

3-Digit and 4-Digit Addition

Estimating Sums

Identifying the properties of addition

Using addition patterns to find missing addends

(example: 1,042 + ___ = 1,142)

Students will get a new spelling list and new vocabulary words on Monday. Spelling homework will be due on Wednesday.

Science Quiz on September 25th

The following things are due on Friday, September 26th:

Book Orders – This is a great time to get your child “just right” books for his/her book box!

Fundraiser envelopes/money

Cloud Project

Looking Ahead

Picture Day is Tuesday, September 30th

Weather Unit Final Test on October 1st

No School on Monday, October 13th

Enjoy this beautiful (almost) Fall weekend with your families!

Mrs. Binkley 🙂

Daily 5

Take a Peek In Our Classroom!

This year we will be doing something called the Daily 5. During our guided reading time, I will meet with small groups of students. While the rest of the class is waiting to meet with me, they will rotate to different stations around the room. The Daily 5 is a framework for structuring this time. The Daily 5 includes Read to Self, Read with Someone, Work on Writing, Word Work, and Listen to Reading. This year, we will be doing four of the five. Since the first week of school, the students have been learning about these stations and we have been building our stamina. Take a look at some of the third graders taking part in the Daily 5.

Read to Self

This is exactly what it sounds like. 🙂 Students read, read, and read some more! At the beginning of the year, we talked about how to pick “right fit” books. Each student has his/her own book box that they have filled with books from the classroom library. During Read to Self, students grab their book box and READ!

20140915_104755 (1)

Read to Someone

This is is also called “buddy reading”. Students sit with a buddy and they READ! Students cam bump read or they can each read silently and then discuss what they have read. We have been using this time to take a second look at our Storytown story.

20140915_104816 (1)

Work on Writing

We have spent the past few weeks talking about how we are all authors. No one else can tell our exact life story. I personally love writing and teaching writing. It makes me so happy to see so many of my third graders get excited to do this station. At Work on Writing, students have the freedom to write whatever they would like. When students get writer’s block, they can use some of the fun activities I have at this station. The students seem to love the story bubbles and writing in their Writer’s Notebooks!


Word Work

Today was the first day that we tried this station. It is bound to be a favorite! I have a bunch of ways for the students to play with words. They write their spelling words in silly ways, they find the value of their words, they can see how many words they can make from “Picking Pumpkins”, they can play Boggle, write vocabulary stories, and so much more!



Thanks for checking out what we are doing in 3-B!

Mrs. Binkley 🙂

Week Three

It was great meeting so many of you on Thursday!! I knew that with such fabulous third graders, their families had to be equally wonderful.

Our Week

We took our first spelling and reading tests this week. We will always take both of these tests on Day 6. Your student gets a spelling list and a new vocabulary list every Day 1.

In math we learned about the properties of addition:

Commutative Property of Addition – The order in which numbers are added  does not change the sum (ex. 4 + 5 = 9 and 5 + 4 = 9)

Identity Property of Addition – The sum of a number and zero is the number (ex. 8 + 0 = 8)

Associative Property of Addition – The way in which addends are grouped does not change the sum (ex. 6 + (4 + 3) = (6 + 4) +3)

We had our first Student of the Week. The students loved getting to ask Ava questions with their mustaches. 🙂




Ask Your Child

What are the hand movements for each of the properties of addition?

What have you been learning in Science with Mrs. Wright?

Next Week

We have Book Exchange on Monday. Students should bring their library books to school.

We will have a math quiz on Tuesday. We will spend time reviewing tomorrow.

Our next spelling and reading tests will be on Friday.

P.E. on Thursday – Sneakers!!

Looking Ahead

Book Orders are due on September 26th!

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to come and visit our classroom.

Mrs. Binkley 🙂


Hello 3rd Grade Families!

Just a few reminders for the rest of the week…

Tomorrow is P.E. Make sure that your child is wearing sneakers.

Thursday will be our first spelling test and our first reading test.

Spelling Test – Study the list that your child brought home on Day 1

Reading Test – Students will be tested on Ruby the Copycat, the story we have been reading and discussing this cycle. Students will also be tested on our ten vocabulary words. If your student has not already brought home his/her vocabulary words, I will make sure that all students have them at home tomorrow. We have been using the words all cycle, but it will still help to look over the words tomorrow night.

Thursday is Meet the Teacher from 4:30-6:30pm

Friday is a 1:30 Early Dimissal

As always, with any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Mrs. Binkley 🙂


Week Two

I’m sorry that I am only getting to post this now. I spent the first half of my weekend celebrating my sister who is pregnant with my first niece!! I am so excited to be an aunt next month! 🙂

Our Week

This week was the start of our second cycle. On Thursday we started our reading series and took our first spelling pretest. On Friday, we switched for content. My class will be with Mrs. Wright for Science until the middle of October. They will then have Social Studies with me for the rest of the marking period.

The students shared their “Name Jar” sheets this week. We all LOVED learning about the meaning behind all of our classmate’s names. Thanks for helping your children with that assignment!

Ask Your Child

What is our class rounding chant?

Find the Digit

Look RIGHT Next Door

Four or Less, Just Ignore

Five or More, Add One More

How do we use our book boxes?

What did you learn during your first Science class?

Next Week

Math Test on MONDAY!! Your  child should have come home with a practice test (Form 3B) and a Chapter 1 packet. The practice test is homework and is due tomorrow. The packet is to be used as a study guide.

We have P.E. on Wednesday – SNEAKERS!

Thursday will be our first Spelling test and Reading test. Spelling homework is due TOMORROW. The students should fix the mistakes they made on the pretest and write their spelling list two times on the back of the sheet. If your child is a “super speller”, he/she should write the super speller list twice, not the words that were given on the pretest.

Meet the Teacher Night is Thursday from 4:30-6:30pm. I hope to see you then!

Friday is a 1:30pm early dismissal

Looking Ahead

Monday, September 15th is our next Book Exchange day

Book Orders are due on September 26th

Thank you for returning all of the paperwork that has been sent home over the past two weeks. I know how overwhelming it can be. Your support is greatly appreciated!!

Enjoy this beautiful day!

Mrs. Binkley 🙂