It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

I really do love this time of year! There has definitely be an extra *spark* in 3-B this past week. I think we are all ready for Christmas!

On Friday we had a chance to celebrate Christmas Around the World! The students visited the United States, Germany, Mexico, England, Italy, and Africa. Thank you to everyone who sent in supplies and all of my amazing parent volunteers. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Looking at this week…


  • Mexico Quiz
  • Math Lesson 1-4 Quiz
  • Holiday Concert


  • 1:30 Early Dismissal


  • No School (Merry Christmas!!)

Week 16

Our Week

  • In math, we are stilling plugging away with multiplication and division. This week we learned strategies for multiplying and dividing by 11 and 12. Big stuff for third graders! Our Chapter 8 test will be on Tuesday.
  • In reading, we read a story called Loved Best, which they were tested on yesterday. We have also continued to work on making inferences. This week the students had to make inferences about the poem, What If by Shel Silverstein. In guided reading, we have been reading about how countries around the world celebrate Christmas.
  • In content, we learned about Africa. Next week we will explore the country of Mexico.
  • In writing, we are finishing up our holiday poems and have been practicing editing and revising.


Ask Your Student

  •  How does Santa arrive in Australia?
  • How could I solve the math problem, 60 ÷ 12?


Next Week

  • The students have the follow tests/quizzes:
    • Math Test – Tuesday
    • Spelling Test – Thursday (Day 5 instead of Day 6)
    • Vocab Test – Thursday (Day 5 instead of Day 6)
    • Noun Test – Thursday (Study Guide will come home on Monday)
    • Reading Test (Story, Written Response, Focus Skill) – Friday
  • Please send in supplies for the Christmas party on Wednesday
  • Christmas Around the World Party Friday, December 19th

Looking Ahead

  • December 23rd – 1:30 Early Dismissal
  • December 24th-January 1st No School
  • January 2nd – No School/Snow Make-Up Day


  • Book orders are due today!! I will be submitting the order no later than 8pm tonight, as today is the last day to ensure delivery before Christmas.

 Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Binkley 🙂

Week 15

Our Week

In math, we are continuing to work on multiplication and division. Have your child show you some of the tricks for multiplying by 9.

In reading, we learned how to be inference detectives. Authors don’t always tell us everything, so sometimes we have to infer. We had a lot of fun making inferences about mysterious things happening on Farmer Rohrer’s farm. We even made inferences about White Mystery Airheads!

20141202_114109 20141202_114107 20141202_112950 20141202_112913 20141202_111505

In content, we finished our unit on agriculture and started our multicultural unit. Please return the poster contract by Wednesday.

In writing, we have been finishing up an opinion piece on ants and we started a descriptive holiday poem.

Ask Your Student

How does knowing your 5 facts help you figure out your 6 facts?

What two things do you need to make an inference?

  _________ + _________ = inference


Next Week

The students have the follow tests/quizzes:

  • Math Quiz – Monday (Multiplication and Division, specifically our 6, 7, 8 & 9 facts)
  • Grammar Quiz – Wednesday (Nouns)
  • Spelling Test – Thursday
  • Reading Test (Story and Vocab) – Thursday

Start bringing in boxes of Jello (letter came home Thursday)

Book Orders due Friday!


Mad Minutes are due every Monday.

Check your student’s planner every night for homework and important information.

Have a great weekend!!

Mrs. Binkley 🙂

This Week

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I had a fabulous time with my family and my two sweet kids, but I know that I am ready to get back to school. I truly missed my 3rd graders!

This week we will start Chapter 8 in math. In this chapter, we will continue exploring multiplication and division. Keep practicing those basic facts!

In Reading, we will be learning how to be REAL readers. Last week we learned that when we think about what we are reading, we are really reading. Text + Thinking = Real Reading

In Science, we will be finishing up our agriculture unit. Our agriculture test will be on Friday.


Spelling and Vocabulary: Wednesday

Agriculture Test: Friday

Don’t Forget…Book Orders are due December 12th

Have a great week!

Mrs. Binkley 🙂