This Week

Could it be!? A full week of school? I hope so!!

Things to know for this week:

Monday –

  • We will start Chapter 12 in Math. Students who completed the Chapter 11 test will get their tests back and will be given the opportunity to correct mistakes for partial credit.
  • Paragraph of the Week is back! Look for a new prompt to come home.

Wednesday – P.E. {Sneakers!!}

Thursday – Spelling and Reading Tests

Friday – Beach Day!!

I have started talking to the 3rd graders more about the PSSA tests. Starting this week, we will begin looking at PSSA Sample Questions. If you would like to see the PSSA Sampler, to better help you understand what the test will be like, use the links below to view the information.

2013-14 Mathematics Preliminary Item and Scoring Sampler Grade 3 (2) 2014-15

English Language Arts Preliminary Item and Scoring Sampler Grade 3

Mrs. Binkley 🙂

Our Week

Our Week

In Math, we are continuing to learn about measurement. On Tuesday we will continue to tackle time intervals. We will review Wednesday and Thursday and then have our chapter test on Friday.

Here are some online resources for practicing time:

Stop the Clock

Bang On Time

Bedtime Bandits

Elapsed Time Pac Man

In Social Studies, the students worked in groups to create posters about famous people from Lancaster County. They did an awesome job and it has been so much fun watching them present their posters to the rest of the class.

In Writing, we have continued to work on our fictional narratives. Although we did take a break from our narratives to work on some fun Valentine’s Day writing. The students had to use conversation hearts to write a fun and creative poem. They also practiced writing similes about love.

On Friday, we celebrated Valentine’s Day. Our awesome room mom, Mrs. Hershey, did a wonderful job putting together a fun afternoon for us. Thanks to everyone who took time to volunteer at the party and/or sent in supplies.

IMG_6386 IMG_6396 IMG_6397 IMG_6398 IMG_6404 IMG_6405 IMG_6407 IMG_6411 IMG_6414 IMG_6416 IMG_6419 IMG_6421 IMG_6422 IMG_6425 IMG_6381 IMG_6382 IMG_639120150213_143334

Ask Your Student

What is a simile?

Name one famous person from Lancaster County.

Next Week


  • Tuesday – Spelling Test and Reading Test
  • Wednesday – Verb Quiz {Rescheduled from last week}
  • Friday – Math Test

No School on Monday!

Book Orders are due on Friday, February 20th.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Stay warm!

Mrs. Binkley 🙂


This Week

Here is a peek at our week ahead…


  • Math Quiz – Tuesday {Metric and Customary Units of Capacity and Mass}
  • Social Studies Quiz – Thursday {Students will come home with packet on Tuesday}
  • Grammar Quiz – Friday {Verbs}

There will not be a Paragraph of the Week this week.

Friday is our class Valentine’s Day Party. If you volunteered to send in supplies/food, please send them in no later than Thursday. THANK YOU!!


owl heart

Happy 100th Day of School!

We had so much celebrating the 100th day of school! We found words that totaled 100 using addition and multiplication, we rounded numbers up and down to 100, wrote number sentences that equaled 100, we wrote about what we will be like at 100 and/or what we would do if we had $100, and so much more!! The best part?? Seeing how adorable the kids looked dressed up like 100 year olds!

20150204_092742 20150204_092750 20150204_092803 20150204_092823 20150204_094608 (1) 20150204_094353 (1) 20150204_094309 20150204_094258 20150204_092828 20150204_094931 20150204_140442 20150204_152235 20150204_152309 20150204_152330 (1) 20150204_152352

Thanks so much for helping your kids put together these amazing outfits!

Mrs. Binkley 🙂


This Week

Our Week

In Math, we finished our chapter on fractions. We will review on Monday and take our Chapter 10 test on Tuesday.

Helping your child compare fractions:

  • Draw models and number lines. The models should be the same size and shape.

Modelsnumber lines

  • If the denominators are the same, compare the numerators. The fraction with the largest numerator is the largest fraction. If I have two pizzas and they are both cut into 8 pieces, I would rather have 5 pieces than 3 pieces.


  • If the numerators are the same, compare the denominators. The fraction with the smallest denominator is the largest fraction. If I could have 1 piece of a cake that is cut into 2 pieces or 1 piece of a cake that is cut into 4 pieces, I would rather have the first one. The bigger the denominator, the smaller the pieces.

common numerators

  • Butterfly Method

Butterfly Method



In Writing, we started writing a fictional narrative. The students have been brainstorming and will start their rough drafts this week.

In Social Studies, we will begin learning about the history of Lancaster County.

Ask Your Student

When the numerator and denominator of a fraction are the same, the fraction is equivalent to _____________.

When you double the numerator and get the denominator, the fraction is equivalent to __________________.

*Bonus: Have them show you the hand motions that go along with it! 🙂

Next Week


  • Math – Test Tuesday
  • Spelling/Vocab – Tests Friday (Day 6)
  • Social Studies – Quiz on Wednesday (Packet will come home on Monday)

Math Extra Credit (Students were offered this assignment on Friday): Due on Monday

Wednesday, February 4th is the 100th Day of School! Students are invited to dress-up like a 100 year old on this day. (In the case of snow, this date could change.)

Report Cards come home on Thursday, February 5th.

Early Dismissal on Friday, February 6th.

Looking Ahead

February 12th – Wear Red

February 13th – Valentine’s Day Party

Book Orders are due February 20th!

Have a wonderful (snowy??) Sunday!

Mrs. Binkley 🙂