Kids at Work

On Friday, we celebrated Kids at Work Day. In 3-B, we have future teachers, vets, horse trainers, soldiers, police officers, fashion designers, waitresses, dog walkers, chefs, coaches, video game designers, electricians, professional athletes, presidents, and so much more! No matter what they decide to do, they will be amazing!

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Mrs. Stoner and I also told the students about our college experiences. As a proud University of Pittsburgh graduate, I loved getting to share my stories with the students. Hail to Pitt! 🙂


Don’t forget that this is a 4 day week! School will be in session on Thursday, but we will be off on Friday.

There are no tests or quizzes this week, but we will have a Math quiz, Spelling test, and Reading test when we return on Monday.

Mrs. Binkley 🙂

Our Week

Exciting News! The 3rd grade class will be going on a field trip on May 8th! Earlier this year, the students studied the history of Lancaster County. On our field trip, the students will be experiencing Lancaster first hand. We will be going to see a show at the Fulton Theater and will be eating lunch at Central Market. We will also get behind the scenes tours of both historic places! Look for more information to come home this week.

Last Week we…

…celebrated Green Day {The real one}

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…celebrated earning 30 googly eyes with Root Beer Floats. Did you know that Root Beer Floats and Science go hand in hand? Ask your child how this sweet treat taught us about matter.

20150319_124716 20150319_124720

…laughed at Mrs. Binkley. The kids thought this picture of me running away from the soda explosion was pretty funny!



I’m looking forward to another fun week with my 3rd graders!

This Week


  • Thursday – Vocabulary and Spelling
  • Friday – Math Test

Kids at Work day is on Friday. Information was sent home last week. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Friday is also a 1:30 Early Dismissal.

Looking Ahead

April 2nd & April 6th – School is in session

April 3rd – No School

April 13th – First day of ELA PSSA Testing/”We Are So Bright” Day

April 14th – Report cards are issued

Mrs. Binkley 🙂


Our Week Ahead

Our Week

Last week in Math, we finished our chapter on organizing data and started a chapter on area and perimeter. We have also been busy reviewing math from earlier in the year.

In Science, we have been talking about matter. We tried an experiment to see if we could get raisins to dance. It was an epic failure. 🙂 Worried that I was a terrible scientist, I asked Mrs. Wright how she got her raisins to rise in the cup of carbonated water. Thankfully, she told me that in all her years of teaching Science, she has never had success with the raisins. We will try some more experiments this week and will hopefully be more successful. {Life Lesson: Things do not always go as planned.}

20150313_150407 20150313_150428 20150313_150413

We have been busy little writers. We have been writing using vivid verbs and have started writing an opinion essay.

On Friday, we celebrated “Green Day”. I realized on Friday morning, as I was getting ready to leave my house in my green shirt, that green day is on Tuesday. Oops! The kids were great sports and were more than happy to wear green again this coming week when I told them that I would bring in a green treat to make up for my mistake.


Our Week Ahead


  • Tuesday – Math Quiz
  • Wednesday – Verb Quiz {Verb Tenses & Subject-Verb Agreement}, Spelling Test

Tuesday – GREEN DAY!

Wednesday – Class Reward! The class has earned 30 googly eyes, so we will get an hour of First in Math time!

Friday – Book Orders are due.

I am looking forward to another full week with my 3rd graders! Bring on Spring!

Mrs. Binkley 🙂

Our Week Ahead

Our Week

In Math, we have been having a lot of fun with Chapter 12. The students have been learning more about their classmates by conducting surveys and representing their data in a variety of graphs/tables.

Your child should have come home with information on First in Math. The students had a chance to practice using the website on Friday and I can see that several students have been on the website this weekend. It was great seeing them so excited to practice math!

In Social Studies, we have been learning about the Amish. The students have really taken an interest in this topic and have had a lot of great questions. We will continue to learn about the Amish this week and will also start our Science unit on matter.

In Grammar, we have been studying verbs and prefixes. Ask your child if he/she can sing you the Helping Verbs song!

Ask Your Student

What is the difference between a bar graph and a scaled bar graph? What about a picture graph and a scaled picture graph/pictograph?

What is the difference between action verbs, linking verbs, and helping verbs?

This Week


Monday – None

Tuesday – Math Quiz

Wednesday – Amish Quiz 2 {Amish Clothing/Daily Life}

Thursday – Verb Quiz {Difference between action verbs, helping verbs, and linking verbs}

Friday – Spelling Test and Reading Test

Looking Ahead

March 17 – Wear Green Day

March 20 – Book Orders Due

March 23 – School is now in session

March 27 – Early Dismissal

Enjoy the rest of your snowy weekend!

Mrs. Binkley 🙂