My Dad

One more thing…

A week or so ago, I told the kids about a bike trip that my dad would be making. My dad has biked from the West Coast to the East Coast and then on a different trip, he biked the East Coast of the US. Yesterday he begin his latest bike trip, a ride down the Pacific Coast. (This was a great way to review map skills!) My dad will blog about his trip, and I told the students that I would try to show them some of his blog posts (he usually gets some great pictures). If you would like to follow his ride, you do so on this blog.


Our Last Week

Here is a look ahead at our LAST week of school. Where did the year go?


  • Book Swap


  • Book Swap {2nd Day}


  • 5th Grade Play
  • 3B Class Awards {The students voted on different awards for their classmates and today is the day the students will find out which award they won!}
  • End of the Year Party


  • End of the Year Assembly
  • Transition to 4th Grade {The students will get to meet with Mrs. Gwyn and Mrs. Suydam}

Pictures from Amish Day

20150528_152329 20150528_152237 20150528_152207 20150528_152113 20150528_152045 20150528_151957 20150528_091051 20150528_090821 20150528_090047 20150528_085912 (1)

Thank you for everything you have done to make this a successful year!

Mrs. Binkley

Our Week Ahead

I hope that everyone enjoyed this beautiful weekend! I cannot believe that we only have two weeks of school left. They will be a busy two weeks! Here is some important information for the week ahead…

  • Book Swap – Don’t forget to send in books for the book swap! Books are being collected Tuesday-Friday
  • Popcorn and Poetry Party – Please make sure to RSVP if you will be coming to the poetry celebration on Wednesday. The kids are really excited to share their poetry.
  • Amish Day – On Thursday, the 3rd graders at LeTort will celebrate Amish Day. Students are encouraged to dress-up for the day.
  • LeTort School Picnic is on Thursday
  • Tests/Quizzes
    • Tuesday – Math {4th Grade Chapter 1: Place Value}
    • Wednesday – Reading/Vocab & Spelling
  • This will be the last week for Mad Minutes. No new spelling or vocabulary lists will come home.

We are still in need of a few things for our end of the year party. Please contact myself or Dawn Hershey if you are able to send something in on June 4th.

I am looking forward to my last 9 nine days with my sweet third graders.

Mrs. Binkley 🙂

Our Week

Last Week

We had such a fun week in 3rd grade!! On Tuesday, we had our PE Field Day, which was a blast! On Thursday, I treated the students to popsicles in the Habitat. Finally, on Friday we had Laps for LeTort! Lots of memories were made this week!

20150515_104514 20150515_104251 20150515_101424 20150515_093310 20150514_142248 20150514_142128 20150514_142050 20150514_141936 20150514_141912 20150514_141845 20150514_141823 20150514_141746 Mrs. Binkley and the Kids 20150512_111519 20150512_111047 20150512_111021 20150512_110111 20150512_104430 20150512_103917 20150512_102345 20150512_094450 20150512_094351 20150512_094106 20150512_093738 20150512_093622

This Week


  • Monday: Spelling & Vocabulary
  • Wednesday: Math Quiz {4th Grade Chapter 1} & Science Test {Study Guide came home last week}

Monday is our PSSA Ice Cream Party!!

I will be submitting our book order on Wednesday. This will be the last book order of the year!

Looking Ahead

May 25th – No School

May 27th – Popcorn and Poetry

May 28th – Amish Day

June 4th – End of the Year Party

June 5th – Last Day of School

I am looking forward to these last few weeks with my sweet third graders.

Mrs. Binkley 🙂

Field Day

Please remember tomorrow, May 12th, is our PE Day for grades 1-6.  Primary grades (1-3) will participate in the morning and intermediate grades (4-6) will participate in the afternoon.  Please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately with sneakers.  We encourage sunscreen and a water bottle with your child’s name clearly labeled.  
It will be a great day at Letort!

Our Field Trip

It was an absolutely gorgeous day in downtown Lancaster! Our day started at the Fulton, where we watched a performance of Little Women. The show was beautifully done, and the singing was awesome! After the show, we headed over to Central Market, where we learned about the history of the market. We ate our lunch, including our whoopie pies and soft pretzels, right outside the market. The weather was perfect! Each group was then able to walk around and visit the different stands. We then headed back to the Fulton for a behind the scenes tour. On the tour, we were lucky enough to meet the actress that played Meg in Little Women and will play Glinda in the upcoming Wizard of Oz! Before heading back to LeTort, we did a mini walking tour of Lancaster. It was an amazing day!

20150508_113828 20150508_120312 20150508_120320 20150508_120338 20150508_120349 20150508_140529 20150508_135637 20150508_120421 20150508_120415 20150508_120357 20150508_142042 20150508_142023 20150508_142000 20150508_141936 20150508_141849 20150508_142102 20150508_142751 20150508_142811 20150508_143513 20150508_143516

Our Week Ahead

Tuesday, May 12th – Field Day {Make sure your child comes to school dressed for the event}

Friday, May 15th – Laps for LeTort {1:30 Early Dismissal}

Looking Ahead

May 17th – Book Orders Due

May 18th – Spelling/Vocab Tests

May 25th – No School

May 27th – Popcorn and Poetry

May 28th – Amish Day

June 4th – End of the Year Party

June 5th – Last Day of School

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Mrs. Binkley 🙂

Our Week

We have been busy learning and having fun in 3rd grade!

In Reading, we just started new reader’s theaters. We hope to perform them for the 2nd graders later this week.

In Math, we have been having fun reviewing concepts that we learned earlier in the year. The students were able to practice their math skills as detectives in the “Place Value Detective Agency”. They worked hard to solve every case!

In Science, we had fun with Oobleck. Is it a solid? Liquid? My little scientists tried to answer that question. We started our unit on the Sun, Moon, and Earth. The students were blown away when they realized just how small Earth is when compared to the sun and other planets in the Solar System.

20150424_111927 20150424_112118 20150424_111921 20150424_111722 20150424_111732 20150424_111832 20150424_112520

In Writing, we have been writing poetry. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and wrote our Haiku poems in the Habitat. I have been really impressed with my 3rd grade poets!

20150429_112938 20150429_113033 20150429_113758 20150429_113830 20150429_113851

This Coming Week…

CHANGE: We will have our Vocabulary and Spelling tests on Day 5. We will be on our field trip on Day 6.

Our field trip to the Fulton and Central Market is this Friday!!


Looking Ahead…

May 12 – Field Day 9:15-11:15

May 15 – Laps for LeTort & 1:30 Early Dismissal

May 17 – Book Order Due

May 25 – No School

May 27 – Popcorn and Poetry {More information to come soon}

May 28 – Amish Day {More information to come soon} & School Picnic

June 5 – Last Day of School {I’m in denial…}

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful weekend!

Mrs. Binkley 🙂