Week 1

It was an amazing first (short) week of third grade!

Our Week

We spent our first three days getting to know each other, learning our classroom routines and expectations, and laughing…we will laugh a lot this year!

We started Math on Day 2. Some of the third graders will be with me for Math and some students will be with Mrs. Wright. Letters should have come home last week. As mentioned in the letters, the grouping is not permanent. Mrs. Wright and I will continue to assess where your child is and make changes accordingly.

The students all had a chance to share their “Selfie Sack” with the class. It was so much fun learning about everyone!!

DSCN1417 DSCN1414 DSCN1420 DSCN1423 DSCN1436 DSCN1432 DSCN1430 DSCN1427 DSCN1425 DSCN144120150826_112507 20150826_113625 20150826_113835 20150826_114237 20150826_115141 20150828_143905 20150826_113212DSCN1411

We did a “gallery walk” around the room. The students did an awesome job moving around quietly and answering questions about themselves.

DSCN1443 DSCN144620150827_114332 20150827_114249 20150827_114202 20150827_114122 20150827_114117

My students also had a chance to decorate their very own book box.

20150828_105512 20150828_105518

Ask Your Child

How do you write a number in expanded form?

Our Week Ahead

Tests & Quizzes – My Math class will have a quiz on Monday. They will be expected to write numbers in standard form, expanded form, and word form. They will also identify the place and value of digits in a number, order numbers, and compare numbers.

P.E. on Thursday! Make sure your child is wearing sneakers!

No school on Friday, September 4th

Looking Ahead

Monday, September 7th – No School

Thursday, September 10th – Rita’s Night 6-8pm

Thursday, September 17th – Meet the Teacher 4:30-6:30pm

Friday, September 18th – Early Dismissal

Don’t Forget

If you have not done so already, please return your child’s Health Profile and Handbook Paperwork

Please return the Classroom Behavior Plan, Communication Slip, and Volunteer Paperwork

I am looking forward to another fabulous week with my 3rd graders!!

Mrs. Binkley 🙂