Week 9

Our Week

Math – On Thursday we started Chapter 5: Understanding Division. Like Chapter 4, this will be another short chapter. We will have a quiz this week. My math class explored the idea of division as equal sharing by using the book, The Doorbell Rang. To make it more fun, we used Cookie Crisp cereal to model how the children in the book shared their cookies.

20151022_130923 20151022_130914 20151022_130435 20151022_130430 20151022_125919

Reading – Our focus skill for Lessons 6 & 7 is Fact and Opinion. My little detectives put their knowledge of facts and opinions to the test as they had to solve cases using only factual witness statements. I LOVED watching how engaged and focused they were as they worked on this activity.

20151022_115008 20151022_115004 20151022_112723 20151022_110848 20151022_110840 20151022_110813 20151022_110807 20151022_110727

Content – Last week we talked about the Water Cycle. We also reviewed the types of clouds…with shaving cream!!

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We had The Maryland Science Center Assembly this week. It was SO cool!!

20151022_142342 20151022_142337 20151022_141634 20151022_133214

Ask Your Child

Can you describe what happens to water during the different parts of the water cycle?

Our Week Ahead

{Red Ribbon Week}

Monday – Wear Red, Book Orders are Due

Tuesday – Wear Your Favorite Team Shirt

Wednesday – Wear Bright Colors, Spelling & Vocabulary Tests, Library Books are Due

Thursday – Wear Sweats (and sneakers…PE!), Send in Harvest Party Supplies

Friday – Harvest Party {Dress like a Cowboy/Cowgirl}

Looking Ahead

November 6th – No School

November 9th-13th – Book Fair

November 11th- 1:30 Early Dismissal

November 12th – 1:30 Early Dismissal

November 13th – 1:30 Early Dismissal

Enjoy Your Day!!

Mrs. Binkley 🙂

Week 8

Our Week

Math – We have started Chapter 4: Understanding Multiplication. I have loved watching the students get so excited to learn a new concept. Multiplication is a big part of 3rd grade math, and we are off to a great start! This is a short chapter. Our test will be on Wednesday. On Thursday, we will start Chapter 5: Understanding Division.

Mrs. Binkley’s Math Class Having Fun with Multiplication

20151014_131149 20151014_131145 20151014_131136 20151013_133432 20151013_133209 20151013_133205 20151013_133155 20151013_133149 20151013_133143 20151013_133138

Mad Minutes are due on Monday!

Reading – This week the third graders have been hard at work rehearsing their readers’ theaters. They are so excited to perform them for each other on Monday.

Content – On Friday we started our Weather Unit. We had so much fun creating our very own cloud! Information on our cloud project should have come home on Friday. Information on cloud types….

cloud types

Ask Your Child

What are clouds made of?

Our Week Ahead

Monday – Library Books Due

Tuesday – New Spelling & Vocab Lists, PE – Wear Sneakers!

Wednesday – Chapter 4 Math Test

Thursday – Maryland Science Center Assembly

Friday – No School

Looking Ahead

October 26th – Book Orders Due

October 27th – Friendly’s Fundraiser Night

October 30th – Harvest Party

November 6th – No School

November 9th-13th – Book Fair

November 11th- 1:30 Early Dismissal

November 12th – 1:30 Early Dismissal

November 13th – 1:30 Early Dismissal

Have a great day!

Mrs. Binkley 🙂

Week 7

Our Week

Math – We took our Chapter 3 test on Friday. Students will have the opportunity to make test corrections this coming week. On Tuesday we will start Chapter 4, which focuses on multiplication. We will also take our first benchmark test tomorrow.

Mad Minutes due on Tuesday

Reading – Two of my reading groups started chapter books this week.

Writing – We have started writing our first opinion paragraph. The students have been given the task of deciding whether to squish or not squish an ant. They have to support their opinion with facts. So what do you think? Squish or not squish? 🙂

O.R.E.O. {Opinion, Reasons, Examples, Opinion}

20151006_145756 20151006_145744 20151006_145711 20151006_145659

Content – On Monday, we created our pumpkin globes. There was some continental shifting going on, but the globes sure did look pretty! 🙂 We took our Map Skills unit test on Friday. We will begin our first Science unit this coming week.

20151005_100923 20151005_100911 20151005_100905 20151005_100838

20151008_100121 20151008_095638 20151008_095559 20151008_095553 20151008_095413 20151008_095130 20151008_095044 20151008_094729 20151008_094621

Last week we enjoyed the beautiful weather and ate lunch in the habitat. It was so much fun!

 20151007_120811 20151007_120801 20151007_120710 20151007_121743

Friday was Pink Out Day!!

20151009_142631 20151009_142628 20151009_142617 20151009_142600

Our Owl-Standing Student


Ask Your Child

What is the difference between a fact and an opinion?

Our Week Ahead

Tuesday – Maps are due!!! Last day to turn in orders for the PTO fundraiser.

Friday – P.E. Wear Sneakers! Vocab and Spelling Tests {We are taking them on Day 5 instead of Day 6}

Looking Ahead

October 23rd – No School

October 26th – Book Orders Due

Enjoy this gorgeous Fall day!

Mrs. Binkley 🙂

Week 6

Our Week

Math – We are continuing to work our way through Chapter 3. The third graders have been learning how to estimate differences, solve word problems, and subtract 3-digit and 4-digit numbers with regrouping. Here is a good video explaining subtracting with regrouping and subtracting across zeros, which we will tackle this coming week.

Mad Minutes are due on Monday!!

Reading – We have been learning how to locate words in a dictionary. Super exciting, right? Well, it is when you have to RACE to find the words in the dictionary. 🙂 Nothing like competition to spice up the dictionary.

Writing –  Paragraphs are still the focus of our writing lessons. We have moved on to Mighty Middles. Tomorrow we were explore Exciting Endings.

Content – Tomorrow we will make our pumpkin globes! The students will draw the Equator, Prime Meridian, and the continents on the pumpkin. We will also be painting, so you may want to send your child to school with a paint shirt. Our unit test is on Friday. I sent home a study guide on Friday. Make sure your child is a studying a little bit every night.

Latitude and Longitude Battleship

20151001_144618 20151001_144552

Last week we had our very first Binkley Bucks Store. One of our students purchased a “Have a Dance Party” coupon, which he cashed in right away. It made my heart happy watching the kids have so much fun!

20151001_143057 20151001_143204 20151001_143241 20151001_143801 20151001_143820

We also had our very first Lunch Bunch for the students who completed their monthly reading calendar. The kids loved eating in the classroom!

20151002_120837 20151002_120840 20151002_120847 20151002_120911 20151002_120906 20151002_120855

Ask Your Child

If there is more on the floor, what do you have to do? {Go next door and borrow 10 more}

Our Week Ahead

Monday – Bring your pumpkin!!

Thursday – Spelling/Vocab Tests, Library Books Due, PTO Roller Skating Party

Friday – PE – Wear Sneakers, Map Skills Test, Pink Out Day

**Look in your child’s planner for the date of our Math Test. Date will depend on our progress this week.**

Looking Ahead

October 12 – No School

October 13 – Map Projects Due

October 23 – No School

October 26 – Book Orders Due

Mrs. Binkley 🙂