Week 16

Our Week

Math – We are still plugging away with multiplication and division. Last week we learned my favorite multiplication fact…9!! There are so many fun tricks with the 9 facts. Ask your child to tell you all about them! On Friday, my math class combined movement and math to practice our 11 and 12 facts.

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Language Arts – In Reading, we read a story called “Loved Best”. In Writing, we wrote poems about the holidays using our five senses. In Grammar, we are continuing to learn all about verbs. We also used The Grinch Song to learn all about similes and metaphors…”You’re a three decker sauerkraut and toadstool sandwich with arsenic sauce!”

Content – We finished our unit on the Earth, Sun, and Moon. This coming week, we will switch to Lancaster County History.

In the spirit of the season, we celebrated “The 12 Days of Kindness”. Each day we were presented with a new challenge. I LOVED how enthusiastic the kids were about each day’s challenge. I am so blessed to teach this group of SWEET third graders!!


Day 1: Ask 3 People About Their Day

Day 2: Draw Pictures to Send to a Local Retirement Home

Day 3: Write a Thank You Note to the School Office Staff

Day 4: Learn 5 New Things About a Classmate

Is it really December?? It didn’t feel like it!!

20151210_142750 20151210_142734 20151210_142728 20151210_142722 20151210_142303 20151210_142022

Meet our Owl-Standing Student!


Ask Your Child?

Can you give me an example of a simile?

Our Week Ahead

Monday – Mad Minutes Due

Tuesday – Spelling & Vocab Tests, PTO POGO Show!!

Wednesday – P.E. Wear Sneakers

Looking Ahead

12/21 – Holiday Assembly

12/22 – Christmas Around the World Party

12/23 – Early Dismissal

12/24-1/3 – No School

Enjoy this beautiful (warm!!) Sunday!

Mrs. Binkley 🙂

Week 15

Our Week

Math – We started Chapter 8 on Tuesday. The students are continuing to do an awesome job with multiplication and division! We also took our second benchmark test.

Language Arts – This week we started a new writing project. The students are writing a “how to” paragraph on how to avoid getting sick…very appropriate for this time of year! We also started learning all about verbs. My little poets even wrote a verb poem.

Content – We finished our unit on the Earth, Sun, & Moon. We will review tomorrow and take our unit test on Wednesday. A study guide was sent home on Wednesday of last week.

In addition to having our Binkley Bucks Store last week, we also enjoyed lunch in the classroom. Our monthly lunch bunch is always so much fun!!

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Ask Your Child

What is a solar eclipse?

Our Week Ahead

Monday – Library Books, Spelling & Vocab Tests

Tuesday – Phys. Ed – Sneakers!!, New Spelling & Vocab lists come home

Wednesday – Earth, Sun, & Moon Unit Test

Thursday – Book Orders are due. They will be here in time for Christmas!!

Looking Ahead

12/22 – Christmas Around the World Party

12/23 – Early Dismissal

12/24-1/3 – Winter Break/No School

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful December weekend!!

Mrs. Binkley 🙂