Week 22

Our Week

Math – We have been busy learning all about fractions. After a tough Chapter 9, I think the students are enjoying this new unit. We will take our chapter test this week. We will also take our third bench mark test of the year. Where has this year gone?

Mad Minutes Due on Monday!!

Language Arts – Last week we spent a lot of time learning how to make inferences. Schema + Clues = Inference . In Writing, we are working making our writing descriptive. The students created monsters, which they had to illustrate and write about. A classmate will then have to draw their monster based only on the written description. Details are important!!

Content – This coming week, we will be learning all about MATTER!!

Ask Your Child

What is the difference between a denominator and a numerator?

Our Week Ahead

Monday – Mad Minutes Due

Tuesday – Book Exchange, Vocab & Spelling Tests

Wednesday – Wear Sneakers!!

Thursday – 3-B Chapter 10 Math Test

Friday – Sports Jersey/T-Shirt Spirit Day

Looking Ahead

February 8th – 100th Day of School!!

February 12th – Valentine’s Day Party, Wear Red

February 15th – No School

February 26th – Early Dismissal

I will leave you with some pictures from the past couple of weeks. I love this group of 3rd graders!!

Lunch in the Classroom!

20160106_121816 20160106_121825

BFG Week: Pajama Day (the main character wore PJs most of the book), Snozzcumbers & Frobscottle treats, created dream jars, and of course we watched the BFG!

20160111_091207 20160111_091236 20160111_091302 20160111_091319  20160112_144607  20160114_143609 20160115_103543 (1) 20160115_103548 (1)

Fun with Fractions!!

20160120_133829 20160120_133935 20160120_134403

Our “Owl-Standing” Student


Week 19

Our Week

It was so great to be back with my third graders!! I enjoyed my winter break, but it was great to get back into a routine.

Math – We are currently working through Chapter 9. We will have a test this coming week. The students have blown me away with how hard they have been working. I can’t believe that my THIRD graders are writing and evaluating expressions!!

Reading – We read a story about the life cycle of a tree. We also spent time learning about why an author writes a piece of text.

Content – The students have been working with a partner to create a brochure about one of Lancaster County’s historic locations. I can’t wait to see the finished products!

Ask Your Child

What does PIE have to do with reading?

Our Week Ahead

Monday – Mad Minutes are due, Spelling & Vocabulary Tests, Wear PJs, library books

Tuesday – Day 1, but we will not have PE due to an assembly

Friday – This is another Day 1 and we WILL have PE, Early Dismissal

Looking Ahead

1/18 – No School

1/22 – Book Orders Due (Our goal is a class is to have an order of $50 or more. If we reach our goal, Scholastic will send a FREE book certificate for each student!)

Have a great evening!

Mrs. Binkley 🙂

Happy New Year!

Wow! Winter Break always seems to fly by. I hope you have enjoyed the extra time with your family, as much as I have enjoyed the time with mine. As I was getting ready for the upcoming week, I came across these pictures from the day before break. Some of  the students were having fun with a pair of silly glasses. I had a few requests to “Put these on the blog, Mrs. Binkley!” So here you go…

20151223_132630 20151223_132611 20151223_132601 20151223_132546 20151223_132535 20151223_132524 20151223_132514 20151223_132505 20151223_132456 20151223_132444 20151223_132425

Before break, we also practiced descriptive writing with a Tacky Holiday Sweater Fashion Show. Pairs of students worked together to write a script about their sweater. One student modeled the sweater and the other student read the script. 🙂

20151223_125456 20151223_125624 20151223_125718 20151223_125753 20151223_130025 20151223_130107 20151223_130206 20151223_130303

Can’t wait to see these sweet faces tomorrow!

Mrs. Binkley 🙂