Bean Boozled

I think Bean Boozled might be my new favorite game…to watch!! I can’t say that I loved playing, but watching the expressions on the kids’ faces was priceless. If you don’t know what Bean Boozled is, ask your 3rd grader. πŸ™‚

This was such a fun way to add some adjectives and figurative language to our writing. As a bonus, I got hilarious pictures of some of the kiddos as they tasted jelly beans that tasted like anything from dog food to skunk spray.

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Thanks to one of my 3rd grade photographers, I even have a picture documenting the moment I tried a baby wipes flavored jelly bean.


Such a fun day!! πŸ™‚

Week 26

Our Week

Math – This week we finished Chapter 11 and started Chapter 12. In Chapter 12 we will learn how to represent data in a variety of ways, including scaled bar graphs, tally charts, and frequency tables. We will have our mid-chapter assessment later in the week. Look in planners for the exact date.

Language Arts – In grammar, we have continued to learn all about adjectives. In addition to adjectives, we have also talked about character traits. The students have had fun coming up with character traits to describe each of their classmates. In reading, we will begin to learn all about theme.

Content – We are continuing to explore matter. Last week, the students had the task of trying to make ice melt (a solid changing to a liquid). Some groups thought that the ice would melt faster if it was held in front of the heating vent, others thought that it would change to a liquid faster if it was held in their hands. Ask your child…which groups were correct?

20160224_102026 20160224_102034 20160224_102040

Our Week Ahead

Monday – Mad Minutes are due!!

Tuesday – Spelling and Vocab Tests

Wednesday – Wear Sneakers!!

Looking Ahead

March 10th – Spring Picture Day

March 23 & 24 – School is in Session

March 25 & 28 – No School

March 25 – Book Orders Due

I hope you were able to enjoy this gorgeous day!

Mrs. Binkley πŸ™‚

Week 25

Our Week

Math – We are wrapping up Chapter 11. Both math classes will have their tests this week. One way that you can help your child is by talking about time and time intervals. For instance, have your child figure out the time interval between when you leave for soccer practice and when you arrive back home.

Language Arts – Tomorrow is our Lesson 17 test. On the test, students will be asked to compare and contrast, answer comprehension questions about the story we read, and answer a written response prompt.

Content – We are still learning all about matter! Last week the students experimented with liquid. They learned that while liquid has its own size (amount), Β it does not have its own shape.

20160217_101121 20160217_101116 20160217_101108

Kids at Work Day

I loved learning what my third graders want to be when they grow-up. My future teachers were shocked to learn that I would still be teaching when they become teachers someday. πŸ™‚ We were also lucky enough to have Olivia’s mom come in and talk all about her job. She even brought a special guest!

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Our Week Ahead

Monday – Vocabulary & Spelling Tests, Library Books Due

Tuesday – Wear Sneakers!!

Wednesday – 3-B Math Test

Thursday – PTO Roller Skating Party

Friday – 1:30 Early Dismissal

Looking Ahead

March 10th – Spring Picture Day

March 23 & 24 – School is in session

March 25 & 28 – NO School

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful weekend!

Mrs. Binkley

Week 24

Our Week

Math – We are in the middle of Chapter 11. We have explored different units of measurement. We have focused on measuring capacity and mass. We will also be exploring time in this chapter. We will learn how to tell time to the nearest minute and figure out time intervals.

Language Arts – We are studying adjectives, which will lead into a lesson on character traits. We are also still learning how to compare and contrast. In writing, we are finishing up our descriptive writing project. I can’t wait to see the final products!

On Friday, we celebrated Valentine’s Day in 3-B. Thank you to everyone who sent in supplies and sweets for the party. It is SO appreciated!! Also, a BIG thank you to my fabulous volunteers!!

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Our Week Ahead

Tuesday – Mad Minutes Due

Wednesday – Guidance Lesson with Mrs. Strosser, Spelling Homework Due

Looking Ahead

2/25 – PTO Roller Skating Party

2/26 – Early Dismissal

Mrs. Binkley

100th Day of School

This has to be one of my favorite days of the year! I loved watching my sweet third graders hobble down the hallway with their canes and white hair. We had a really fun day focused all around the number 100! Thanks for helping the kids find the perfect outfits for this fun day. πŸ™‚

DSCN2187 DSCN2193 DSCN2197 DSCN2202 DSCN2206 20160208_113823

Week 23

Our Week

Math – We finished Chapter 10 last week. Students in 3-B were given their graded tests on Friday. If your child opted to make test corrections, he/she will be able to do that on Monday and will bring home the test next week. We started Chapter 11: Measurement. During this chapter, we will learn about customary and metric units of capacity and mass. We will also practice telling time and figuring out elapsed time. Our chapter quiz will be this coming week.

Language Arts – Our current focus skill is Compare and Contrast. The students had fun comparing and contrasting themselves with another student in the class. We also practiced this skill by taking a closer look at two characters in the story, Miss Nelson is Missing. In guided reading, the students have been learning all about important events and people in our country’s history.

Content – What’s the matter? NOTHING!! We are loving learning all about matter!!

Ask Your Child

What are the three states of matter?

Our Week Ahead

Monday – 100th Day of School (Dress up like a 100 year old!!)

Wednesday – Library Books Due, Spelling & Vocabulary Tests

Thursday – Wear Sneakers!

Friday – Valentine’s Day Party, Wear Red

**Students can bring in Valentine’s starting on Monday. We will exchange at our class party.**

Looking Ahead

February 15th – No School

February 26th – Early Dismissal

Enjoy this football filled Sunday!

Mrs. Binkley